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SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 42 Featuring Ko Ping Chung

SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 42
SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 42

Hey Pool Fans, It is finally here: the Hot new issue of SPM Billiards Magazine, Issue 42, Featuring the inspiring Ko Ping Chung! Keith Shaner writes about the controversy with the WPA in an article titled Looming Deadline.

Catch Shaner's article on the TE Capitol APP 9 Ball Open in Singapore—photography courtesy of Dominic Pan from the Asian Pool Promotions. Check out the Press Release from the TE Capital Partners. Steve Rau has a great read on Wei Tzu Chien titled "Where There's a Will There's a Wei."

Check out Elliott West's article Titled "The Full Force" about Ronnie O'Sullivan. Elliott has a great blog titles Snooker Loopy, filled with great reads! Check him out!

Be sure to catch Mark White's second chapter of Diary of a Commentator, which continues from the chapter 1 article "Diary of a Commentator, In My Own Words." And check out a great read by Matt Andrews Mentoring!

Tommy Hill's Adventures of Connor Benson continues in Chapter # 4! Anthony Beeler has a great instruction article on "Do You Care Too Much! Rick Prince writes about A Positive Attitude, and Steve Jennings writes about Getting out of your comfort zone. Eric Naretto writes a great article on, How to use Instructional Tools for getting better at pool! Be sure to check out Jeff Smith's article with Team USA and his photography!

Albert Charbonneau writes on The Next Points Champion! Dominic Esposito, a.k.a The Drill Instructor, has a new great post out on how to evaluate your game, a good thing to do before 2024 starts so you know how to improve your game! Be sure to check out Chip Klein's post on Perhaps The Most Misunderstood Shot in the Game! Check out Garret Alec Troop's article on Predator Chalk Review! The next Issue will be dedicated to the Mosconi Cup 30th Anniversary! Keep hitting those balls, and Happy Holidays!

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