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Mind Set By Greg Hogue

Think positive.

Positive things will happen.

This is huge when looked through the eyes this pocket billiard instructor.

When you play any kind of sport we need to take some time and start to understand why our mind reacts the way it does; what's really going on in there?

Let's take a look at how the automatic nature of worrying and self-doubt affects how you perform in pocket billiards.

Our life happens in 5 second windows - in 5 seconds you can change how you feel, how you think and how you perform under pressure.

So, in about 15 seconds total you can change your game for good!

This is a brain hack, its a form of metacognitition, a cheat code, a wamboozzel into resetting your mind and keeping it clear in times of self doubt and under tight extreme pressure.

This is not without it's challenge!

Since it sounds so so crazy, like 'wow are you serious?', almost like its a gimmick; so it might take a while for the pool playing community to believe and try it.

OK here it is...

The moment you catch yourself getting tight, second guessing, and not sure if what you're doing is right.

Step back, take a deep breath and count backwards in your mind - 5 4 3 2 1 - DON'T do it out loud YOU WILL SCARE THE RAILBIRDS...LOL.

By counting backwards you're disrupting the habit loops in your brain - the frustration that comes with missing an easy shot, being nervous because you see the possible run out and you're on the hill!! This technique re-starts the pre-frontal cortex which is responsible for cognitive attention.

This whopper of a trick causes focus.

You will be able to shift gears in pressure situations.

Over time, it will become a valuable tool if properly used right.

This is a big deal to me, as you might know, I suffer from ADHD, so my mind wanders and races - all day, every day - so it's tough for me to write a article about controlling the mind with mine in such bouncy, floppy, shape.

Believe me when I tell you this really works! I have been using this technique in training . Working on blending it with my own game so I can pass the info along to the players of today.

What make me most interested in this new form of controlling the mind is that it's backed up by science and true to life studies. I highly recommend you try to incorporate this into your games & I believe you will see a raising percentage in your win rates.

I'm Greg Hogue.

This is the Red Door Den Training Center.

Hope to talk to you real soon.

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