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Original Glove Review By Garret Troop

In the pool we are always always in contact with our equipment on a hands on basis. So the feel of what you touch is very important because it tells you a lot through your hands. As action get more intense more players are using gloves and it helps them from sweat and grime that might get on their hands. It makes the shaft sliding through your hand so much easier and less worry about having sticky hands and palms.

Italians are known for making quality in everything that they do . So the original glove is no different. They incorporate a non skid little area which is like a little pad that's rubbery silicone feeling area. Kinda cool and when you put a lot of weight on the table for stability it really helps you stay in place. The fabric on the palm is like a thick meshy type. It’s supposed to be Abrasion resistant. But I’ll call bull on that. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. All the seams are reinforced and double stitched. It has a velcro closure and you can snug it up if you have smaller hands.

All in all it’s not a bad glove but I can always find improvements in everything. I would say that I would not put the closure of any glove on the palm side. While not easy you could catch the velcro on the cloth and that's not good for the cloth of the glove. Most people buy gloves too small because they want a snugger fit. Then they complain that the seams are starting to rip and fall apart. To this I say be a little smarter and get a glove that fits your hands tight but not to the point where you're cutting off the circulation in your hands and putting unnecessary stress on your gloves. That old saying fits like a glove. Well it should. These “Original” gloves fit their standard sizing. They call those gloves. Zerosette

All in all not a bad glove on the market.

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