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Ralf “The Kaiser” Souquet -- The Interview Erased By Patrick Sampey

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Saturday, Oct 9, 2021-- I began an exchange with Souquet years ago -- sometime around 2004 I think -- long before Facebook took off like it is today, contacted him through his email, which I found online at his website I believe. He responded to me, and I wish I had the exchange, as it was cool to me that he took time out to respond personally to me; that’s how Souquet is, a gentleman and straight-shooter of the highest order.

I forgot what I had asked him...Oh yes! That’s what it was! I had heard that Souquet had a winning record on Efren Reyes, and he had said that he did. He had said that apparently he was Efren’s “boogyman,” that was the term I believe he used. Think about that, Souquet has a winning record against arguably the best to ever wield a cue, namely Efren Reyes! That speaks for itself about not only of Souquet’s pool game, but also his mental tenacity to win against the best of the best like that, and be up on them.

Years later, sometime shortly after 2014 I believe it was, I actually interviewed Souquet, and unfortunately the interview got erased from my phone before I could listen, get quotes and write the article -- Souquet being one of my favorite players of all times, I was flabbergasted. I had to contact Souquet and let him know what had happened. So I did, and it went fairly well. He was very understanding.

Now Ralf and I are friends on Facebook, though I don’t really know him in a close way. We have a very amicable relationship. I told him that I was going to make it right recently, write up an article on him, all he has brought to the vast smorgasboard of billiards pontification throughout the wonderful, colorful history of this diverse endeavor we dub pocket billiards.

So, let’s take a look at some of Ralf “The Kaiser” Souquet’s billiards accolades:

  1. “Souquet began playing billiards at the age of six in his parents' pub, practicing up to five hours per day. He won his first German Championship title at the age of fourteen in the juniors division. In 1985, Souquet co-won his first European Championship team title with the National Team, and in 1986 won his first individual title at the European Championship (juniors division).” --

  2. “Since 1981, he has won more than 200 tournament titles, including 41 German Championship titles, 23 Euro Tour titles and 19 European Pool Championships.[2] Souquet is a two-time world champion, winning the 2008 WPA World Eight-ball Championship and 1996 WPA World Nine-ball Championship.” --

  3. Souquet is sponsored by Predator Cues at:

  4. Souquet is a BCA Hall Of Famer, 6 time World Pool Masters champion, two time WPA world champion, played for team Europe from the Mosconi Cup between 2002 through 2017, winning it with his team on eight occasions, placed 33rd in this year’s US Open, and keeps grinding.

  5. Again, Souquet has a winning record on Efren Reyes! Incredible.

And Souquet has so many more wins on his resume. Check out the Wikipedia links to see all his accomplishments in the game.

A man of few words, he lets his game do all the talking and it booms on the loud speaker -- he seems like a mentalist of the game, his presence always felt.

“RALF SOUQUET says he has logged nearly 3 million miles in his 20-plus years as a professional pool player. Over the long travels, taking his unique craft to all corners of the globe, collecting more than 250 titles, Souquet has always chased after one thing on the pool table: absolute perfection…’Every time, every rack is different and something new,’ Souquet said. ‘It's a constant challenge, a puzzle that you have to solve as quickly as possible. The older you get, you actually forget some things about the game. But you never get bored with the game.’” -- From a great article on Souquet by Billiards Digest here:

The little snippet from an article by Billiards Digest above highlights Souquets illustrious billiards career and hits the nail on the head, Souquet seeks “absolute perfection” on the pool table, which no one actually achieves, but that is to highlight the standard Ralf sets for himself, and the lengths he’s willing to go to achieve it -- so many hours logged in practice on the table green.

Yeah, Souquet is one of the best of the best and it appears to be a direct result of his consummate work ethic to always keep improving in his game, no matter what his age, now 52 and still getting in events around the globe.

Ralf has been a globetrotting pool playing professional billiards player his whole life! What a story of greatness to behold, and mine and his worlds collide upon the grand stage -- but I only had a tiny role to play in this great champions life. Well played Kaiser. Well played sir.

P.S. -- Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 -- Add on edit to this article. Ralf contacted me through Facebook Messenger to update this piece and highlight the fact that Wikipedia may not always be exactly right. His accolades go a little beyond what it says therein. Check it:

Souquet said,

"' Patrick, I have corrected a few things and now it's ready for the official release Thanks and best regards, Ralf.'

'Since 1981, he has won more than 300 tournament titles, including 44 German Championship titles, 23 Euro Tour titles and 37 European Pool Championships (Team and Individual)

Souquet is a BCA Hall Of Famer, 6 time World Pool Masters champion, two time WPA world champion, played for team Europe in the Mosconi Cup 17 times between 1994 through 2017 winning it with his team on seven occasions, placed 33rd in this year’s US Open, and keeps grinding.

Souquet is sponsored by Predator Cues, Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, Dynamic Tables and the Veith-Group of Germany.'"

Here are the links to some of his sponsors for anyone interested:

Thanks again to Ralf for helping me keep the article current, up to date, accurate, and served up on time just before Halloween. Souquet is the consummate perfectionist in life, as in his pool game; that is why he stands as one of the very best to ever play the game.

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