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SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 43 Featuring Mika Immonen, "The Iceman"

Cover of SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 43

It is finally here folks Issue 43 of SPM Billiards Magazine featuring Mika Immonen, Pool Legend in the biggest battle of his life, fighting with he strength of a warrior, heart of a champion and fighting all the way! Check out all the great articles in this issue with stores by Steve Rau, Keith Shaner, Elliot West, Rick Prince, Matt Andrews, and a new story on Connor Benson by Tommy Hill! Be sure to check out all the great interviews by Mark White! A product review on the Bridge-Mate by Garret Troop. SPM is also loaded with great instructional articles by Darren Appleton, Anthony Beeler, Steve Jennings, Greg Hogue, Emily Duddy, The Billiard Bombshell, Jackie Karol, Eric Naretto, The Drill Instructor, and Chip Klein! Check it out now!

Check out the New Issue of SPM Billiards Magazine here!

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