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SPM TV & The Drill Instructor Interview Corby Dayhoff, Billiard's Photographer

Corby Dayhoff is the owner/photographer of Servitude Photography. He became a photographer in 2018 after moving to Arizona and wanting to capture the beautiful sunsets Arizona offered. Corby’s favorite thing to photograph, besides billiards, is waterfalls. One unique aspect of photography Corby has is that he is color blind. He graduated from Chadron State College with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education- Mathematics. When he is not photographing or playing pool, he enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and three sons. His favorite thing about a photograph is the ability to capture one moment in a story and share it with everyone.

Corby recently photographed at the Predator / CSI event in Vegas and got a lot of great photos of all categories! To see more of Corby's Photography visit SPM Magazine Issue 29, at:


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