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SPM TV & The Drill Instructor Team-Up and Interview Randy "Pops" Goettlicher

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Goettlicher's journey got started in 1965 when he called the Billiard Congress of America about some 8-ball rules. The told Randy that they do not have 8-ball rule. Bob Freshly told him to go ahead and make some rules up and they would take a look at them and if they liked them they would become set rules! This started a 40 year journey of putting together rules for 8-ball, 9-ball, straight-pool, one-pocket, etc. Goettlicher also wrote the rules for the Texas Express Rules. Goettlicher has had quite an exciting life! He had no idea where this would lead but it has been very exciting! Pop's also gets into a lot of interesting information for the players! Take a listen to Randy Goettlicher as he breaks it all down!

If you would like to call Randy Goetlicher 214-908-2908 Follow Randy Goettlicher at Follow Sneaky Pete Mafia at Follow The Drill Instructor at

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