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The Pocket Tripod PRO Review By Garret Troop

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

With the advent of the camera phone we have been taking pictures and videos like crazy. Streaming directly from phones and tablets. In most cases we prop it up somewhere where we can see the most Focused target. It goes without saying that it’s important to get the right angle. As we grow and find new ways to display our phones it’s important to go back to the basics of keeping it simple.

The pocket tripod fits a lot of the criteria of all that we need in a very simple and sleek design. When I first got the package I thought that the entire packaging was really innovative as there were pull tabs to get into the box. There is all the education that you need to learn how it works but I dove right in and started playing.

It has a carbon fiber construction with an outer layer of plastic so it’s meant to last and take all you And throw at it. It’s the exact same size as a credit card and that makes it super convenient to always keep on hand. It’s about the thickness of two credit cards so it does not take up a lot of real estate in your wallet or purse. I and a gadgeteer and love all the little moving parts that transform this little credit card size tripod into a useful tool that anyone can use.

In addition to the moving parts and overall convenience of the pocket tripod it looks and feels like a sturdy little device that when you are on the run it’s a great investment at the retail price of $35 which really isn’t that much when you look at how much the latest iPhone is. It comes with these little spacers that allow you to fit almost any phone. I can’t get it in my case but that is no inconvenience. They are about the side of a quarter and are created to fit the size of your phone. It has a center swiveling feature that allows it to go from a credit card shape and size to the tripod that you set your phone into . The swivel feature is very unique and pleasant to just play with.

I keep this on me at all times and it fits easily into my wallet with not that much extra space taken up. In today’s society we are always on the go, no run into old friends, no family or just new people that we meet. It’s handy and a cool conversation opener. The company was very receptive and quick to respond to my inquiry.

The little quarter like phone holders are essential to get the right side to your phone. There is a little sizing guide that is very helpful to getting the right little piece that will fit your phone so that you can not worry about any slack. No tripod needed for selfies.

In my particular case I use it to take videos and photos on the pool table and the fact that it sits flat on the pool table makes it easy to to get some really cool shots at the level that the balls are rolling around at. It has a little angle indicator that allows you to get what you're looking for at the right angle. It also helps it being on the pool table so you can stream directly from the rail. It’s oil to see things from the table's perspective.

It has a “Soft contact, a durable TPU securely grips on the device. Safe on screen protectors and delicate cases.”

“Your Most Practical Phone Accessory

Designed for maximum functionality and portability, the Pocket Tripod PRO delivers all of the essential features you'd expect from a full-size tripod. Carbon fiber legs, angle indicator, soft-contact grip, and fluid tilt adjustment are all packed into the same space as two stacked credit cards.”

It has a feature that allows you to take the pocket tripod in half for when you want a landscape photo. Then you have two points of contact on whatever surface that you choose as a base. They even give step by step instructions on how to take it apart. I highly recommend reading the material provided.

They have a 30 day guarantee if it breaks, just send them a picture of it and they will replace it without any questions. This company started on kickstarter and has gotten into production and now they are Rockenm and rolling into wallets everywhere with an array of different color options. It’s great for a stocking stuffer or as a heartfelt gift for people that carry a selfie stick everywhere they go.

you can find them here at.

All in all I give this wonderful new product the SPM Seal of approval.

Article written by Garret Troop

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