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3 Second Flex Fine Fit Five Finger Glove ~ By Garret Troop

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

3 Seconds not only makes pool cue cases, but they also now make the 3 Second Flex Fine Fit Five Finger Glove! In the world of billiards, there are many creations of the billiards glove. Billiard glove creations run from a minimalistic form to the max, shooting with a welding glove. Billiard gloves are for those who get sweaty hands, which cause a sticky stroke. From pro-level to extreme amateur, we all need a little extra glide from time to time.

Photos by Garret Troop

I learned about the “3 seconds” Brand on Facebook. You can now purchase the new glove from Fort Worth Billiards. It’s a five-fingered glove that offers more support than the standard three-fingered gloves we all know and love. The fingers are all open, and the sizing is accurate, although they recommend that you get a size larger than you usually would on a fitted glove. This glove offers some new features that are a little uncommon, but this will catch on soon.

The closure on these gloves is different. Before this glove, I was a Kamui glove fan. I liked the way the glove went further up the wrist. It made me feel more secure. 3 Seconds has rethought how a pool glove should fit the hand in the billiards industry. The closure is minimalistic. It is like a crisscross closure that comes further down on the top of your hand. The glove fit is helpful if you wear a watch or don’t like the restraint of the more extended wrist closure type of gloves like Kamui and McDermott. The mesh that they use on this glove is thin. But to be fair, all gloves have that same feeling to me. That is for those that want the skintight feeling.

The 3 Seconds glove has five fingers. Yes, that’s correct count them five fingers! I love that and will have a hard time going back to a typical three-fingered glove. The 3-second glove is a game-changer. The glove has an added piece for gripping a table wrapping around as the closure on the top of the glove. The glove’s material is Dry Tex, a Japanese material that allows absorption. The glove’s material allows a great skintight fit, just like a glove should fit the hand.

The Velcro closure is like an industrial grade. Very sticky. The closure has a tiny adjustable portion but very little. I feel that this glove fits the correct size. I wear a consistent medium, and this glove fits just like a medium should. The bottom of the glove has a moisture-absorbent mesh material that is very stretchy and has the most contact with the table’s cloth. Its double re-enforced stitches should help to make it last longer.

I think five fingers is the way to go. I’m excited to see how this affects the rest of the glove industry.

This is the tech they are using to create this new take on an old favorite.

A new style supported with a multi-functional, ergonomic design.”

. Quick-Dry

. Moisture Absorbing

. Cooling

. Antibacterial

. Deodorizing

. More Wrist Flexibility

. Cross-Strap

From the website!

“The cross-strap design based on human engineering embraces the whole hand with flexibility, and the wide-open space features free wrist movement and easy access. This original five-finger structure is not only a great design, but it also increases exceptional hand support in the vertical direction."

Dry-tex is a Japanese hybrid material. When Dry-tex detects heat or sweat, it automatically activates a cycle of absorption and desorption of moisture, the cooling and drying processes to preserve material conditions. And the antibacterial deodorant function provides excellent performance without any external stress.”

All in all, it’s a great glove—no complaints. I’m curious to see exactly how long it will last with regular wear. I give this glove the SPM Seal of approval, and I hope to see more innovations from this company and growth from their first glove on the market.

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