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SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 37 Featuring Ko Pin Yi, The Prince of Pool

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Hey folks, the latest issue of SPM Billiards Magazine is out! Hot off the press! Check out this exciting issue featuring World Pool Master's Champion Ko Pin Yi! In his Maiden Title, win at the World Pool Master Championship! Pin Yi played against the best of the best, staying focused and steadfast to become the first Taiwanese to win the 2023 World Pool Masters!

In a Facebook post, Ko Pin Yi stated, "Last year, the three of us were chatting about how we would jump onto the pool table the next time we won an international championship. However, Ko Ping Chung didn't do it when he won the championship in the Maldives."

The win was a dream come true for Ko Pin YI! His brother Ko Ping Chung won the Maldives Open 2023 – 10 Ball Championship! What will happen in the UK Open? So far, Ko Pin Yi and Ko Ping Chung have been victorious!

According to Matchroom, "World Pool Masters winner Ko Pin Yi picked up from where he left off in the Matchroom arena with two Brits in, Danny Johnson and Joe Prince, who were swiftly dismantled." Live rack-by-rack scoring is available throughout the event at

Check out the latest issue of SPM Billiard Magazine, Issue 37!

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Ronnie O'Sullivan Photo by Taka Wu of Takaimages for Matchroom Multi Sport

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Great photography from the World Pool Masters and Ronnie O'Sullivan by Taka Wu of for Matchroom Multi Sport!


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