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Aloysius Yapp & Kelly Fisher Win Michigan Open – By Patrick Sampey

Monday, September 26th, 2022, 1:35 PM Central Time US – Aloysius Yapp is a humble, respectful professional player; he just keeps getting better, it seems, winning the Michigan Open again for back-to-back titles in an event as tough as any worldwide.

Robbie Capito, who took second place at the Michigan Open against Yapp, stated in a Facebook post, "Not what I wanted, but from all these years of playing. I’ve finally made it to a final of an international event—huge congrats to my mate Aloysius Yapp for defending his title. We were just practicing back in his hometown a few weeks ago. Never thought both of us would meet at the end.

Robbie Capito at Syberts Michigan Open with Yapp

Was always stuck in the last 16 and 32. But I’ve finally managed to break that wall. One more to go. So better get working

Thanks to my biggest cheerleader Amber Chen

for being there to support me and cheering me up when times are tough.

But as always, on to the next.

Samuel LaiDeep Vaswani

Predator Cues



And Yapp said this on his Facebook page:

"Got lucky! Champion for the Predator Pro Billiard Series Seyberts Michigan Open! Managed to defend my title to make it 2 in a row! First time I ever played an international event as a defending champion and to be able to win it again feels so surreal. Struggled a lot with the fast conditions during the first couple of days until I switched shafts for the last day and managed to catch a gear. Still got lots to work on! Also congrats to Robbie Capito for coming in second place. He played fantastic throughout the whole tournament but in the finals luck wasn’t much on his side. I got really lucky. Now I would like to thank everyone who supported me throughout the whole tournament! My family , friends and fans , thank you for all the support! And also would like to thank my sponsors , Mezz Cues , ZAN TIP , CPBA Cloth , theQshop , Mak’s family , TE Capital , Chinese Swimming Club , Cuesports Singapore and Sports Singapore for all the support given to me too! Really grateful for everything! Next up for me would be the Sandcastle 9 Ball Open followed by the big one the US Open by Matchroom Pool! Excited for things to come! Hope to do my best!" – Aloysious Yapp.

Aloysius Yapp Winning at Seybert's Michigan Open

I'm sure we all appreciate Yapp's humility there after the win, but I don't believe luck had so much to do with it, as did skill. But Yapp is a humble champion, plays off-the-charts pool, shows thanks to his sponsors, as do all these professionals in pool, and all around, Yapp represents a high standard of pool for fans of the game to look up to.

And Yapp had a new playing cue, as Yapp told us at SPM in a previous interview. Still, both Yapp and Fisher have been on fire, Fisher unstoppable it would appear in some events I've seen – top tier, grind-it-out pool, with lock-up safeties and run-outs on both the Fisher and Yapp fronts – both assaulting the pool world with a barrage of billiards excellence.

Kelly Fisher, what a run she has had in 2022, taking six major events, including the gold medal at this year's World Games, an incredible run. Also, we have Yapp emerging more and more as one of the world's best players; look for him to win more major events in the future. The stand of game of these players is so strong; Yapp above an 800 Fargo, I think, and Fisher 760? Check me on that, but suffice it to say, they run out.

Kelly Fisher winning at Seybert's. Michigan Women's Open

Check out what Fisher had to say about her win at the event from her Facebook post on Tuesday, September 27th:

"Champion of the Predator Pro Billiard Series Michigan Open!!

Unbelievable ride to the finals… had so many ups & downs this week, close matches & matches I could have easily lost!

Makes me so grateful and proud to have managed to win this title

It was an exciting Final against Tzu-Chien Wei, which went all the way to the shootout!

Thanks to my coach Lionel Payne for having faith in me & pushing me along!

Big shout out to my sponsors :

Predator Cues

Shenzhen Xingjue Billiards Co., Ltd

N' The Zone

ALFA coin" – Kelly Fisher.

Look for both Fisher and Yapp to win many more major events in the future. Check out SPM for these and other hard-hitting billiards news updates as we continue our world pocket billiards coverage.


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