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SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 45 Featuring Medusa, Cue of the Year

Updated: May 2

Check out the brand new issue of SPM Billiards Magazine, Issue 45, featuring Jacoby's Medusa. Brandon Jacoby talks with Kat Brown Day and explains all the work that went into creating Medusa.

SPM Billiards Magazine Isse 45

Jacoby's Medusa won the American Cuemaker’s Association’s 2024 People’s Choice Award this year at the Super Billiards Expo at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks.

The magazine is full of great instructional articles from Anthony Beeler, Rick "White Wolf" Prince, Steve Jennings, Jackie Karol, Eric Naretto, Dominic Esposito, a.k.a. The Drill Instructor, and Chip Klein. Plus, Brian Pauley writes about the all-new Palmetto Billiards Academy, and Keith Shaner writes a great article on Are You Not Entertained: Expanding and Elevating the Presentation of Pool! It's a great read! And don't miss Elliott West's article on Chinese player Ding Junhui. Steve Rau has another great read title: From Las Vegas to Philadelphia! Matt Andrews Mentoring has a great read on Racking up the Doubt, The Imposter in the Pack! And check out Brad Swain's article eon Garret Troop! Lot's of great reads! Check it out! The amazing Medusa!


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