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SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 44 Featuring Sofia Mast, the "The Pink Dagger"

Updated: Mar 22

Sofia Mast at Ladies Las Vegas
Sofia Mast at the Ladies Alpha Las Vegas 2023 Photo by Corby Dayhoff of Servitude Photography

Sofia Mast, "The Pink Dagger, makes the 44th issue of SPM Billiards Magazine! A great read on Sofia, who is tired of all the usual articles on her. Sofia talks about her battle with weight loss at 11 years old and how she overcame it with her love and passion for pool.

Keith Shaner's article on Richard Ashby concludes with his first-time experience at the Derby City Classic and his story! Brian Pauley writes about Florian Kohler winning the WPA World Artistic Pool Championship and all the players who participated! If you have not read Patrick Sampey's article on Shane Van Boening, be sure to check it out! And don't miss a new article from Brad Swain, "Maintaining a Balanced Pool Scene! Steve Rau Pro Billiards writes a great article, "Why Women's Pool is on the Rise." Be sure to read this one! We also have a great read from Elliott West, "The Last Swan Song." Elliott writes many great articles about the Snooker world and much more! Be sure to check out Matt Andrews Mentoring's new article on Professional Daydreaming—The Art of Visualisation! Rick Prince, the White Wolf, writes an article on The Golden Years! SPM Billiard Magazine is also loaded with great instructional articles from Anthony Beeler, Dominic Esposito, aka The Drill Instructor, Steve Jennings, Jackie Karol, Eric Naretto of G1 Billiards, and Chip Klein. Another great issue of SPM Billiards Magazine! Enjoy and Happy Shooting!

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