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Day 2 Mosconi Cup Special Report

Thursday, December 1st, 2022 – Earl Strickland was up on Jayson Shaw 3-0 in the race to 5, but Shaw took it 5-3, I think it was, and celebrated as if Europe had already won the cup, full throttle, gloat-like-a-showboat-put-Woodward-on-em style, steady in his game, Shaw smoothly came back against that Pearl, that got a little fired up I hear, however, being kept cool by SVB, World 9 Ball champion 2022 – Woodward two time Mosconi Cup MVP, now going for a third, having dispatched both Filler and Ruiz, Filler having won the Inaugural UK Open earlier this year, Ruiz has just won the US Open, and has won the World Cup Of Pool with David Alcaide, coming in hot, to tie the series at 4-4 after the end of day 2! Incredible.

Then, Earl Strickland, up on Shaw 3-1, at the table, looking to go up 4-1 to begin day 2 of the Cup, had the US fans pumped up until a scratch on a shot for tough shape on the six ball I believe, that was a pivotal game for the Cup, and the momentum of USA was brought to a halt by superb play by Shaw, a prominent force to recon with (Woodward), I digress. Suffice it to say, although Shaw came on to win 5-3 and celebrate a tough comeback as if he had just won the US Open for the second time. That shows the gamesmanship of Shaw, the mind games in the game – the mental side.

But then, later, headhunter Woodward takes down none other than US Open Champion 2022 Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, who is also my friend on Facebook, and he will chat with me a bit from time to time or has in the past. He is a great player, but you must respect that I have to root for Team USA, and put-him-on-Shaw Woodward for the 2022 MVP, as he appears to be collecting European scalps thus far.

Skyler Woodward Winning Shot! With a 5-9 combo!

Whilst I wasn't afforded the opportunity to watch the two past days of the Cup, I have reviewed some video highlights of the event, and SVB has come with shots, Woodward has come through, Emily Frazier has hosted the event like a boss, Karl Boyes and Allison Fisher have come with some great news coverage of the event and each shine on as one of Matchroom's shining stars, quasar bright. Then you have the setup of the stage event, the USA in all red and Europe in all Blue, juxtaposition side by side, like two fat Stephen King books on a shelf. Bad to the bone.

Then, you have the hype of the Cup on Facebook, and all the personalities in pool like trick shot artist and SPM Magazine writer Brian Pauley and friends on Facebook as well, as I've networked in Billiards to get the inside scoop on pool players in the great, gargantuan world proliferation of pool hall junkies that be…shot out to both Team Europe and Team USA, but I got to give up my love to team USA as the Tallahassee, Florida Squirrel USA, and former 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagle," Air Assault 🪖 soldier; with all things considered, all love to my European friends like Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, David Alcaide, Shaw, Ouschan, Filler – the collective components of Europe, but with all due respect to them: Go USA! 🤪⚔️🤟🐿️🪖🌍🙃


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