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Interview with Native Billiards Foundation's CEO Katherine M. Blackbird-Arcan Miller

Updated: Feb 10

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Mark White sat down with Katherine Marie Blackbird-Arcan Miller to chat about the Native Billiards Foundation and their goals for the Juniors and the way ahead for the pool.

Katherine is as passionate about the sport as Mark White and has a few bucket list items as a player also. She is a breath of fresh air in the pool community.

YouTube Interview with Katherine Marie Blackbird-Arcan Miller and Mark White

This was taken from the Native Billiard Foundations website, a little bit of info on Katherine.

Katherine Marie Blackbird-Arcan Miller

It's easy; Her WPBA tour name is The Huntress; we went from being a sponsor of an indigenous player to learning she is a true warrior in so many aspects. Whether it's a dedication to excelling in the sport as a first-year pro or doing community outreach of her own, and the love, the love she has, and her connection to people are extraordinary. A colleague once said, "I tell you, all you have to do is talk to her, and from that moment, you will see she is beyond wise and educated."


Katherine began her 2022 pro-career in retirement from business. Giving up corporate jobs and living a simple life with her Spouse and family.

She sought out Wanting to accomplish a 40-year goal. To become a WPBA Touring Professional.

 "I went to work and school, had a family, a career, and the most amazing kids. I always knew I could go back to pool. The most universal thing about pool is it has no age restrictions on playing. Take your time and do what you want with the game, social or competitive you choose. There is no wrong reason to play."

Although she is getting seasoned as a newbie and in the bottom rankings, she is Making Moves, and we couldn't be prouder of her. Her dedication of over 450 days of practice learning to be seasoned is hard work. She began the 2022 season in 184th place, and as of the last update, she is currently ranked at 135 (with only four events under her belt; impressive is the only thing we will say; on top of it, she is paying her own way to accomplish that).

We will continue to balance her Pro-career and Company Job not to let her Dreams fall by the wayside.   The Native Billiards Foundation was founded in 2023 and will become a leading provider of all things pool and billiard-related. From their humble roots of being a new company. One operating with a strong heritage of native Ties to the Sioux and Ojibwe nations. The foundation's canvas will be the base of how they utilize their heritage along with strong business acumen. As a grassroots company that is Native-owned, The Native Billiard Foundation will grow to serve pool and billiards across the country. 

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