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James Hanshew Jump Cue, a Review ~ Garret Troop


James Hanshew Jump cue

First, of I have to say that is was a pleasure working with James. As far as a cue maker goes he is on my top 10 list for quality. I had the pleasure of doing this product review on his jump cue. I honestly have started to classify jump cues in two different areas. There are normal cues which are for an array of shots but generally not for the super close up shots. Then there is the specialty cue like the Marty Carry, Dr. Popper, Black Magic, G 5 launcher. These cues are designed for extremely close shots.

This jump cue features a pro tapered Purple Heart shaft that really is the key to the success of this cue. If I am not mistaken the predator air 2 only weighs like 10oz and so does this cue but the difference is in the extra front end weight which really helps enable the lift of the cue ball to great and very accurate jump shots.

Once you learn how to jump it really becomes easy to do in any given situation. After you get the lift, height and speed down the biggest obstacle that many players face is accuracy. I have successfully and consecutively made more of my jump shots with this cue than any other. The cue comes standard with a Phenolic ferrule joint combo, purple heart shaft, two 3/8X10 joints for the dart method and the traditional pendulum method. The cue has a different Pop than anything I have every tried it really is effortless and accurate. Jumping is the new banking and kicking and it’s good to develop a winning attitude with the right cues.

This cue retails for $200.00 which it right in the range of most jump cues but each one has its own personality. This cue is well worth the money and it is an investment in your future as a pool player.

“Go from getting out of a safety to getting out”


Sponsored by POV Pool and Jacoby Custom Cues


Author: Garret Troop

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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