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Kamui SAI Tip Product Review ~ by Garret Troop

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The break is one of the most important shots of the game and I feel that many people just try and power through it. Whether you like a little finesse in your break or simply like to try and hit them as hard as you can, the most important part of the entire shot is controlling the cue ball. Some like a softer break tip and others like a rock-hard tip.

Kamui has been an industry leader for years and their innovations have helped the players reach new heights. They have a wide variety in their cue components that help the player reach their potential as a player while helping them identify what their strengths are in the game.

The Kamui SAI is their new break tip and I have to say that I was pleased to try it. The first thing I do when playing with a break tip is do the opposite and try and play as many games with it as possible. This shows me how far I can push the tip to its extremes. It holds chalk very well. I tried it with Masters, Taom and Kamui chalk 1.21 and 0.98. When a tip is chalked properly you shouldn’t need to grind it into the tip every time you shoot, I was able to play rack after rack.

I spent a lot of time with this tip. I have a Break Rack and spend about four hours simply breaking the rack and developing my break stroke. I find that I can break and maintain control of the cue ball the best at about the 20 mph break speed and try and park the cue ball in the center of the table. I then go back and play that same stroke in a real game. Honestly the tip is a layered leather tip that is resin infused very similar to the Samsara and the Odega tips that are similar.

I noticed that the tip didn’t have the tint that you get when you break with a purely synthetic tip like phenolic or G10. The SAI feels like a hard leather tip but with the power of a high grade phenolic.

I play with a lot of different tips but the more I play the more of a Kamui fan I’m becoming. They really put a lot of R&D into their products and stand by their brand and their name.

I am also able to jump with ease as I test this tip. It holds chalk extremely well and I feel that although it’s not as hard as say a Phenolic that when you dial into the shot you need to adapt to whatever tip you are using. I've seen people jump with an Elk Master before.

I have heard that the install on these tips is easy, and they burnish well. I don’t have an exact number but an estimate from a prominent cue maker (Brandon Jacoby) that the durometer is at about 86. That puts it just under a phenolic that at about a 90 on the durometer scale.

Finding materials that go well together is hard and that is why I personally believe that Kamui came up with a solution that fits the needs of the many. This tip will last you a good long while.

I tested it with follow and draw of the cue ball. I was able to max out the English applied and remain in control. I tested it with a soft, medium and a hard break. I feel that the perfect combination is to hit the lead ball as square as possible and at an above medium hard speed. This has enough power and emerita to get the rack moving and pocket a few balls. In my opinion the break is more about the control of hitting the lead ball as square as possible and keeping control of the cue ball in the center of the table with say a half tip to a full tip of English above dead center. A smooth stroke and a good follow through will get you far in this game. It’s important to find what’s best for you and protect that until you have mastered your potential. This takes thousands of breaks in and out of competition to find what’s best for you.

I used a flat laminated break shaft by Jacoby, and I can only imagine the power, force, and precision that you can get with this on a carbon fiber shaft.

I enjoy doing these reviews and seeing what’s new out there on the market. This tip did not disappoint and for my playing style it's a perfect match with the hardness and control of a non-synthetic leather tip. Power is important but not as much as control and this tip is that balance, we all look for in our bag of goodies.

I was not paid to do this review other than my love of the game and the power of knowledge.

Kamui has always stood by their name and their brand. This tip has been long awaited and its doesn’t disappoint. I have played with a lot of tips both playing and breaking. So far this is my favorite tip, and I can’t wait to see what they have next up their sleeve.

Alberto Trujillo from Fort Worth Billiards Superstore was able to send me this tip for a review and they retail for $48 installed on any shaft. If you haven’t had a chance to go, there in person or online I totally recommend it as it’s the best place to go for just about anything you need in the pool scene. He has a 5,000 square foot showroom floor and another 5,000 in their warehouse area. Alberto will take care of whatever you need.

This Kamui Tip gets the SPM Seal of approval!


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