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Landon Hollingsworth Talks with SPM TV and Brian Pauley

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Landon Hollingsworth photo provided by Landon Hollingsworth

Landon Hollingsworth, Junior Player from Greenville, SC, talks with Brian Pauley and SPM Billiards TV's Kat Day about his latest as a Junior Player and some of his matches, and how he got started in pool! Landon has had quite a year of winning, with a Fargo rate of 697, and for the year 2022, Hollingsworth has had earnings that have amounted to $5,785.00, according to the AZB Player Profile. You can stay on the lookout for an upcoming article on Landon Hollingsworth in SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 35. Take a listen to the interview with Brian Pauley and Kat Day!


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