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Marty Carey Jump Cue. ~ Garret Troop {Review}

This specialty jump cue is made out of cored carbon fiber. The shaft is a conical taper down to a 9mm diameter; the tip is a G10 ferrule that flares out. The cue is six ounces and lifts the cue ball very well. The reason I say that it is a specialty jump cue is that the weight of the cue and overall construction of it is designed for very close jump shots.

It takes a little different stroke to get lift off the table, but once you learn that stroke it’s easy to apply it. The construction of the cue is really good and after using it when that shot has presented itself, I am always looking for the cue. You can make longer shots with the cue but it really takes some effort.

marty cary jump cue ad'


1. The cue really is great for close shots where a heavier cue can’t get as much direct vertical lift.

2. The G10 ferrule and tip construction performs great for jumping.

3. The shaft and overall construction is very, very stiff. Whenever you apply English on the cue ball you get a lot of squirt. For artistic pool you can use this to your benefit.


1. The Tip and ferrule come up pretty far on the shaft and when using an open bridge it can catch on your fingers.

2. This is a specialty cue and you need to understand this when buying. This is a very stiff hitting jump cue. You really can get the extremely close jump shots that are almost impossible with other cues. The cue take a little getting used to, and you need to develop a stroke for this specific style of a cue.

It’s amazing once you are able to get into the swing of things. The tip is really flat and for some reason I thought that all tips had to be rounded but in actuality, with jump cues and masse cues the flatter the tip, the more surface area you have for a better sweet spot.

fours stars

I give this cue four out of five Sneaky Petes

The G10 ferrule and tip combo give a direct energy transfer from your stroke to the motion of your cue ball.

The cue comes in two different shaft diameters. It comes in a 14mm and a 9mm. The cue that I am doing the review on is a 9mm.

Marty Carey had an ESPN campaign during Christmas of this last year. The Challenge of Champions and trick shot Magic both featured Marty’s cues.

On a side note I have to say that Marty himself is a great guy to work with and he has a vision of the future of what can be done. He is a showman in person and a riot to work with.


Sponsored by POV Pool and Jacoby Custom Cues


Garret Troop is the owner and CEO of Sneaky Pete Mafia. He created this community as a way to being together people that have a love of billiards. He has never had a passion for anything like he has for Sneaky Pete Mafia. He hopes to bring together a group of people that and create a family of those that share his passion. Photos: provided by author Editor: Shaylyn Arthurs

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