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Mary Avina Talks with SPM TV's Kat Day

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Mary Avina talks with SPM TV's Kat Day about what is going on in her life. Where is she going, and what are her plans for the future? Mary will be playing in Canada at the Predator CSI WPBA Women's 9-Ball on August 17-20th, then moving on to the historical first US Women's Snooker Open in Seattle, WA, on August 26th - 28th, which Mary is very excited to be attending! Then she will return to her home state in Texas to play in the Texas Open.

Take a listen to Mary as she talks a little about how she began and the things going on in her life, and her love for food, Snooker, and Billiards!

WPBA Professional Mary Avina is a 29-year-old billiard player as well as a Snooker player and Trick-shot artist that has made herself a name in the billiards industry. Avina is well known in the state of Texas and around the world. Avina has practiced with some of the best and the GOAT himself, Efren Reyes! How many of you can say that you have played with Efren Reyes and learned from him? Mary will be competing in the first United States held Snooker Tournament in Seattle, WA. The inaugural U.S. Women's Snooker Open will be held August 26 - 28 and hosted at Ox Billiards in Seattle! Mary has been practicing at the Q Hookah Bar on their Snooker table to prepare for the big event.


"Mary Avina has talked to World Women's Snooker (WWS) about how "super excited" she is to make her debut on the WWS Tour when she competes in the inaugural U.S. Women's Snooker Open." Retrieved from

Mary also thanks her sponsors Fort Worth Billiards

Legends Sports Bar, where Mary is the House Pro

Pro Surface and Design

Mary is also a Billiards Instructor at Billiard Room Consulting. You can follow Mary Avina on Facebook at: On Instagram at: YouTube at:

Mary Avina's website -

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