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Matchroom Hosts Multiple Inaugural Events In 2022 ~ By Patrick Sampey

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022 – Matchroom has done it big in 2022, hosting multiple inaugural events around the globe, uniting the world billiards community that is. This Tallahassee Squirrel is excited to cover the game in light of these events, and Emily Frazier is still willing to do an interview with me about what Matchroom is cooking up for pocket billiards at large.

I'd like to see Matchroom host some 10-ball open even, perhaps, and/or one pocket, and or eight-ball events, American eight-ball. Do something besides just 9 ball all the time. I digress.

Matchroom, however, they have been hosting some awesome inaugural open events, such as the European Open that Albin Ouschan just won, the UK Open, for which Joshua Filler won, or the Asian Open, for which Ko Pin Yi just won, representing Chinese Taipei, and what a thrilling 13-11 finish! A real nail-biter and sweater's delight. What a year for Matchroom, and what's good for Matchroom is good for the players and pool at large. With Matchroom at the helm, it would appear that the future of pocket billiards, specifically 9-ball pool, is in great hands. Great coverage and news too at:

Matchroom realizes there's a world audience for pool, unlike American football, for example, and they appear to be tapping into that worldwide audience, streaming events over the internet. They really appear to know how to market and promote themselves and billiards as a whole. Also, I feel like they have chosen a great representative with Emily Frazier, as she really appears to have a passion for pool from my perspective and seems to have a very level head. And, of course, anyone in that position may take on a little criticism, but I believe she is strong enough to take it and address it if it comes. Like me, for example, I had been critical of the break format with the 9 racked on the head spot at the European Open. See, Emily would probably be like, "That Tallahassee Squirrel is just tripping again." Hey, really and truly, if the rules are the same for everyone, then it's a level playing field, and that's what matters.

And in the Asian Open, what an incredible final, with the alternating break format, and both players had like 6 break and runs or something crazy in the race to 13. A final for the ages. And then you had SVB and Albin Ouschan going head to head, ending 13-11 in another close contest. Then Filler blowing players out in the UK Open. Incredible.

What a year for Matchroom! And we still have the US Open to come! Who will Matchroom crown as US Open Champion? Will it be our friend Aloysius Yapp? Will it be Filler? SVB? Who will round out the year with one of the world's most prestigious crowns?

Hopefully, Matchroom and billiards will take off exponentially in the next 5 years. It's been a long time coming. Kudos to Matchroom for leading the way. Well done.

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