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One Rail Kicking with The Tip Kick Method

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

By Dominic Esposito aka The Drill Instructor

Another fabulous installment from The Drill Instructor this month! You can have the pool game you desire. I will show you how to drill in good habits. Shots will appear in your mind and disappear quickly into the pockets.

The Tip Kick System can Make a Tough Kick Shot Simple

This month I want to teach you the first part of my Tip Kick System. The shots as diagramed in this article include the kinds of workouts I used to turn pro at a young age, but they'll enhance your billiards skills no matter where you are now.

The Tip Kick System and several other kicking methodologies by The Drill Instructor can be found in my 52 Advanced Shots book and DVD on the website,

Here's Your Drill from The Drill Instructor

With the cue ball as shown or from your choice of 6 inches up to 3 diamonds out from the rail on a line parallel to "DSP 0" (Diamond Starting Point 0):

· Shoot with one tip of right English directly into the DCP "Diamond Contact Point" to kick to hit the 1-ball a diamond away at DTP 1

· Shoot with two tips of right English directly into the DCP to kick for the 2-ball two diamonds down the rail at DTP 1

· You guessed right if you said "shoot using three tips tip of right English into the DCP will likewise score the 3-ball in the side pocket

Notice I've marked each diamond with a reference number. The cue ball location is always given a starting number of zero.

One problem is the angle in and out you might take for an easier path in the diagram is blocked by another object ball now, the 9-ball. A good alternative is to play the cue ball directly into the long rail across from you.

There may be any number of reasons why you'd need to use The Drill Instructor's Tip Kick System. For the lesson in this month's feature article, imagine that your opponent has executed a quality safety play, placing your cue ball behind a cluster of balls or just one tough one as shown. You've got to kick at your target and make a good hit to avoid a foul and ball-in-hand.


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