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SPM BIlliards Magazine Issue 36 Featuring Kristina Tkach

Hey Folks, it is finally here! Issue 36 of SPM Billiards Magazine! Don't miss the newest issue of SPM! Featuring an in-depth story on Kristina Tkach! The magazine is packed with great photography by Taka Wu of Matchroom Multisport! Report on Matchroom's PLP "Premiere Pool: Eight Days at Morningside, by Keith Shaner. Check out all the great articles!

Great articles by Anthony Beeler, Rick "White Wolf" Prince, Steve Jennings, and Dominic Esposito on improving your game.

Check out Boris Vidaković's interview with Siberian Prodigy Aleska Pecelj.

Mind Games by Steve Jennings. The Cue by Rick "White Wolf" Prince Talk Yourself into a Winning Mindset by Anthony Beeler

Kidz Klinik in Denver Draws 40 Participants by Samm Diep-Vidal

Junior's Rising, The Weber Brothers by Kat Day

How To Develop Consistency by The Drill Instructor, a.k.a. Dominic Esposito

Fairfield County's Best: The Biggest Little Bar Box Tournament Around by Keith Shaner

It's Magic TAOM V10 By Garret Troop

Points, Venom, The Video, & The Challenge By Albert Charbonneau

Why You Should Play Points By Michael Harrison

Matchroom's PLP photography by Taka Wu of Matchroom Multisport

Earl Strickland photo by Taka Wu

Shane Van Boening photo by Taka Wu


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