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SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 33~ Ko Brothers Blowout Edition

Updated: May 1, 2023

Ko Ping Chung at US Open 2022 Credit: Taka Wu / Matchroom Multi Sport

SPM Billiards Magazine is jam-packed with great articles this month! One hundred fifteen pages are full of great stories! We have Steve Jennings with Perfect Practice, Anthony Beeler, Rick "White Wolf" Prince, the 5 Cs of Pool, and of course, The Drill Instructor with Part Two of What is practice Boring? How to Make it Fun? Beautiful Photography by Rodman Cleveland of the greats at the River City Open.

Fedor Gorst at the River City Open Photo by Rodman Cleveland

Then we get into the amazing Ko Brothers of Ko Brothers Billiards, Ko Pin Yi, Ko Ping Chung, Ko Ping Han! and Ko Brother Custom Cues! Great stories; learn a little about the brothers and Ko Pin Yi winning the Asian 9-Ball and Ko Ping Chung so close to going to the finals at the US Open, 2022. Photos of Ko Ping Chung Courtesy of Taka Wu / Matchroom Multi Sport.

Brian Pauley writes about the World Artistic Pool Championship, where Mark White commentated with the fellas! It was a History making event!

Also, learn about JFlowers Cues & Cases by Patrick Sampey and Thomas Swain, who went to the SVB Junior Open and placed 17 out of the 64 Juniors playing in the event!

Read about the life of an old-school pool hustler Rick "White Wolf " Prince, and check out Kat Days' Editor in Chief and Content Creator of SPM Billiard Magazines article on the US Open 2022.

Ko Ping Chung at the US Open 2022 Credit: Taka Wu / Matchroom Multi Sport

Albert Charbonneau gives an update on his Points Game and their first successful tournament!

One Hundred and Fifteen pages of jam-packed billiards love! Check it out and the beautiful photography!

Savannah "The Roadrunner" Easton writes about her September Adventures! Be sure to check her article out!

Be sure to catch the SPM TVs interview with Jennifer Barretta live in the magazine and the Dennis Hatch Interview with SPM Billiards Magazine!


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