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SPM Magazine's latest Issue 31 Features Kelly Fisher, along with Aloysius Yapp and so much more!

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

What a great issue with World Champion KellyFisher and Gold Medal winner by Patrick Sampey. Other great stories include Bronze medal winner Aloysius Yapp who tells his fantastic story and how he was barely breaking a cue in to win against Carlo Biado to get the Bronze at the World Games 2022!

Albert Charbonneau writes about his new Billiards game called "Points." and Brian Pauley writes about the Artistic Pool Championship with all the great Trickshot artists! Mark White writes a great story about Pool vs. Snooker! The Drill Instructor has a new lesson on The One Rail Kick shot! And an instruction video! There are product reviews by Garret Troop on the new Black Out Sport Grip by Jacoby and Kamuis' SAI Tip Review. Richard Kranicki's Protrusion Cue, and let's not forget about "Be a Cue Whisperer" by Steve Jennings! And Anthony Beeler's article about Pool: Hoe yo play better without changing your stroke! Kieth Shaner's photography and story about the Licking County Junior Billiards Story! Check out Issue 31 here:

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