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SPM TV Brings The Drill Instructor, Dominic Esposito! "How To Learn to Shoot a Shot Right!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

The Drill Instructor

SPM TV is with The Drill Instructor, Dominic Esposito, as he talks about "How to Make a Shot." The Drill Instructor teaches tactics on how not to get interrupted while you are warming up before a game. Dominic also talks and demonstrates the proper way to use a Bridgehead and an extension with the appropriate body and arm form. This is an excellent video on getting your shots down and perfecting your skills as a player. Get ahold of Kat Day on Sneaky Pete Mafia

The Drill Instructor offers a Drill Instructor Journal to Sneaky Pete Mafia Fans! The player annual Pro Skill rating. If you would like the Score page pdf, we will send that to you free with the PSD table diagram. If you don't know where you are, how do you know where you are going? Do the things you need to do to build your skills. If you buy a Recordkeeping Journal off of, Dominic will include a 4-pack of Lycra sliders to put on your cue(which is a 20$ value). Follow Snaky Pete Mafia at: or

Watch Sneaky Pete Mafia TV, and please FOLLOW US and subscribe on YouTube!

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