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The Social Pool Network (TSPN) is a pool league platform that is revolutionizing the billiards industry. TSPN is the perfect culmination of technology and knowledge to disrupt the existing and stagnant league formats that pool players have been stuck with for the last 30+ years. This new format of play and options of play ensure that no-matter who you are or where you are, you too can participate, enjoy, and share the passion of pool with others. Rodney “The Rocket” Morris, professional player and VP of Player Relations, explains that “connecting people through this beautiful game that we love” is at the core of TSPN’s mission.

Backed by over 200 yrs. of combined player experience, from amateur to professional level players, TSPN’s development and growth are contributed to knowing what is needed to raise the bar and catapult league play to the next level. No-longer do pool players need to wait for that, all-to-often, one-time shot at making it to the national tournament. No-longer do pool leagues make millions per year by having the players grow and build their leagues without paying them anything in return. and being told who they can play, where, and when.

Who, What, When, Where, and How to play?


Play any member, or Guest, on any table, at any time, in any of the available formats! Simply log into the TSPN app, search for an opponent near you, and contact them for an agreement on time and place to play. When you and your opponent meet, log into the app, create a match and score your game. Match results, session standings, and handicaps are immediately updated so you are ready to play again as soon as you like!

TSPN’s 8 ball and 9 ball formats follow a modified WPA Rule format. All rules of play are conveniently located within the TSPN app.

Uniquely, with TSPN’s auto-pay monthly fee structure, you can easily play as many matches as you like, as often as you like!


Every member of The Social Pool Network is rewarded for helping to grow the league. If you are a TSPN member and you have a friend join, you have just made money! TSPN does not handicap people in a manner that forces them to grow the league, but instead, pays them for doing so.

TSPN offers every person an equal opportunity to make a business out of their membership. For a low annual fee and discounted monthly fee, a TSPN League Promoter is eligible for earning ongoing commissions. How? The simple effort of staying connected with the people who have signed up on your business team motivates everyone to play, grow, and enjoy the league. This little amount of effort is all that is needed to help you grow your business and get paid while enjoying your hobby and the opportunity to meet new people!

If you would rather not make more money (commissions) playing pool, there is an option available for that too. You may join as a PLAYER, and steer clear of any commission earnings. Be careful though, just like a League Promoter, you too can still make money for sponsoring new members, earning weekly incentives, winning session payouts, and by entering tournaments!

The TSPN Annual Tournament

Every active member is invited to the annual event. Why wouldn’t they be? Come, enjoy, and celebrate the connections that you have made while also engaging each other in tournaments and special events. A TSPN annual tournament is not only about the competition (although there is plenty), it is about celebrating with new and old friends, sharing a connection with people who also have a passion for the sport, and enjoy a belongingness with a group that supports you as a person and as a player.

TSPN Moves Onward and Upward

In the face of the recent international pandemic, TSPN has launched a new, 1 player, offensive-only game format, Rocket Run Out, so pool players may safely continue to play and engage in competition. TSPN invites all members and non-members to join in the fun and start playing today. Daily tournaments are available, special pop-up tournaments, and many more coming soon!


Join TSPN in this charity event! Each of 6 professional players will compete for a state of their choice. All donations will go to the 1st Responders and/or food pantry in that state.

Dates: May 8th-10th

Location: Facebook Live Stream Event

Format: Rocket Run Out, 20 game matches

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