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World Cup Of Pool 2022: 32 Nations Collide ~ By Patrick Lee Sampey

Thursday, June 9th, 2022 – "WOOD CENTRE, ESSEX – The World Cup of Pool returns this June 14-19 as 32 nations collide aiming to take down the title in Brentwood, England.

The World Cup of Pool has been an established major event in 9-ball since 2006 and adopts a straight-knockout format. Matches are race to 7 in the first two rounds, race to 9 in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, and race to 11 in the final." –

The above quote highlights the 'World Cup Of Pool,' which began in 2006, with Reyes and Bustamante taking down the prestigious event for its Inaugural awakening.

Now, Reyes returns with 2021 US Open winner Carlo Biado for team Philippines, as they face South Africa in the opener – Reyes arguably the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Times) billiards player, expert in so many cue sports, champion of champions, perhaps the greatest player in the entire history of the game.

Will Reyes and Biado win another World Cup for team Philippines, making it a record 4 wins in the event for their country? That would be incredible, Reyes age 67, recently retired from the game – back for perhaps one final hoorah. Reyes showing a longevity in the game unlike any that's ever been witnessed.

Then, you have SVB (Shane Van Boening) and Woodward (Skyler Woodward) for team USA, looking to take down a second world Cup for team USA.

Then, you have David Alcaide and Francisco Sanchez Ruiz for Spain, looking to take down the first world Cup for their country – a very formidable team.

Also of Note is Chinese Taipei, with brothers Ko Pin Yi, and Ko Ping Chung – two of the world's best players, and a formidable team in their own right. Their country having won the event before, Yi having won it before in 2015.

For myself, I would like either Spain, USA, Philippines, or Chinese Taipei to win the event. That's my top picks, wanting either USA or the Philippines to win because either would be a huge billiards story.

Ultimately, I choose the Philippines to take the title, as Reyes rises yet again. The Tallahassee Squirrel 🐿️ Out. Check us here as we follow the World Cup coming up in just a few days. Will we see SVB and Woodward take another one for Team USA? Will we see Reyes rise again with Biado? Will we see Germany rise again? Will Spain take it down? What about Chinese Taipei? What a field of teams representing their respective countries worldwide! What a day to live in the light of the billiards table green…

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