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World Cup Of Pool 2022, Part 2: Gladiators Of 9 Ball ~ By Patrick Sampey

Thursday, June 9th, 2022 – Global Gladiators of 9 ball go head to head in the most epic world 9 ball invasion of champions in just a couple days, the World Cup Of Pool.

Let's look back on the history of the game really fast though: 2021: Germany won it (Filler/REINTJES); 2020: (no tournament), 2019: Austria (OUSCHAN/He), 2018: China (WU JIAQING & LIU HAITAO), 2017: AUSTRIA (ALBIN OUSCHAN & MARIO HE), 2016: (no tournament), 2015: CHINESE TAIPEI (KO PIN YI & CHANG YU LUNG), 2014: ENGLAND A (D. APPLETON & K. BOYES) 2013: PHILIPPINES (L.V. CORTEZA & D. ORCOLLO), 2012: FINLAND (M. IMMONEN & P. MAKKONEN), 2011: GERMANY (R. SOUQUET & T. HOHMANN), 2010: CHINA (FU JIANBO & LI HEWEN), 2009: PHILIPPINES (E. REYES & F. BUSTAMANTE), 2008: USA (R. MORRIS & S. VAN BOENING), 2007: CHINA (FU JIANBO & LI HEWEN), 2006: PHILIPPINES (E. REYES & F. BUSTAMANTE).

The list above, highlights so many great, world championship level pool players, nine ball in this case.

Reyes, Bustamante, Van Boening, Yi, Orcollo, Corteza, Appleton, Boyes, Ouschan, Filler – and so many other great champions since 2006, when the World Cup Pool first began.

Can Reyes and Biado best the 9 ball gladiators of the galaxy for team Philippines? Will it be Woodward and SVB for USA? Will Germany repeat? Will Spain rise to fame? Who will win? I like USA, Spain, Chinese Taipei, Philippines, or perhaps Germany to repeat. You never know with this caliber of world players, a field of players, perhaps unlike any other ever assembled – even New Zealand in the mix!

Will Jayson Shaw and Elliott Sanderson take the event title for "Great Britain A" team? That's another strong team. So many to mention, the world's best.

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