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World Cup Of Pool 2022, Part 7 –My Picks For Final Two Were Wrong!

Sunday, June 19th, 2022 (8:48 am) – Well, I had it all wrong, but at the same time, all right, because I chose Chinese Taipei and USA to be playing in the finals, but it's Spain and Singapore – however, this is no surprise, as both Singapore and Spain obviously have excellent teams, and each deserve to win, so who do I pick now at this juncture in space-time? Much love to Aloysius Yapp and team Singapore, but I give the edge to Spain who have been a dominant force to be reckoned with the entire event, having dispatched a seasoned team with Chinese Taipei falling 9-4 to the Spanish Juggernaut.

David Alcaide and Francisco Sanchez Ruiz have shown throughout the event to be leading the way with a perfect team, seeded from the start to be a frontrunner by the Tallahassee Squirrel here as one. I am not surprised in the slightest.

Then, on the converse side, you have Aloysius Yapp and Toh Lian Han, who have snuck in under my radar because I was hyped up originally by the prospect of team Philippines, with Reyes and Biado, but due to a COVID-19 threat on the plane they were due to fly in on from the Philippines, they were excluded, and that threw a monkey wrench in my early predictions as to the top 4 teams in the event would be – and I picked Spain, USA, Chinese Taipei, and the Philippines to all do well, so I was right about USA, Chinese Taipei, and Spain coming down the stretch – BUT THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE, OR TWO IN THIS CASE (not yelling. For emphasis.).

And again, like I said for the Semifinals, this finals could go either way, and best of luck to both Spain and Singapore, but I give the edge to Spain. We will see. Great play by both teams and best of luck to my friends on either side, Spain or Singapore. Much love players on an excellent event. Well played, and congratulations to all.

You can watch the highlights to the game right here! Matchroom made a typo in the title, it should be 2022!

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