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Allison Fisher talks with SPM TV & The Drill Instructor

Get to know World Champion Pool Player Allison Fisher in this great interview on SPM TV. Allison talks about all the great things she has going on in her life and what is coming up to be watching out for, like where Fisher will be playing next! You might even learn a few things you did not know about Allison Fisher!

The Drill Instructor brings out all the great things in Allison's life and tips for pool players! Allison talks about her new app to play and stream pool called CueMe, which is out to play & stream pool! CueMe is not the same as o

CueME is the world's best billiards app to find people to play in person or virtually at any level of competition for singles, doubles, and tournaments. Play anyone anywhere from around the world with the CueME video, scoring, and ranking technology. As you play, you will win CueME chips with wins and accomplishments for recognition and prizes. Learn it all here!

You can follow Allison Fisher on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and now play pool with her great app, CueMe!

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