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Kollet Probst Interview ~ Brian Pauley

The billiard world has some of the most dedicated fans of any sport in the world.  Fans routinely travel to events hours and states away to see their favorite players up close and personal and to hopefully interact with their favorite player.  Fans show their appreciate in many ways.  Some wear billiard related clothing, some subscribe to monthly streaming services, and some engage in online forums and social media discussions about their favorite players and topics.  But one lady combines two of her passions to create true works or art.

Meet Kollet Nichole Probst.  Kollet is a passionate pool fan who has created some stunning  art pieces of some of the legends of the game such as “The Black Widow” Jeanette Lee and “Dr Cue” Tom Rossman.  The detail in her drawings is as impressive as a Shane Van Boening 10 ball break.  Kollet even records videos of herself drawing these amazing art pieces.  Check them out on her YouTube channel at Kollet Originals.  Here is a little bit about the woman behind the canvas.

How did you get into drawing?I’ve been an artist my whole life- drawing just stayed with me because it’s the most mobile of all of the arts. I can draw anywhere, whenever the urge comes. Did you have any formal training/schooling for drawing?Florida State University school of the Arts

What mediums do you use?I use all mediums- I work with one for several years then move on to a new technique. I’m currently working with graphite and ink. What was the inspiration for drawing pool players?A couple years ago I drew one as a gift. It was of a player making a jump shot. It was an aha moment for me and it looked amazing! I merged the two things I loved and felt like it showed in my work. How did you become a pool fan?I started playing at a very young age. The more I learned the more fascinating the game became.  Do you have some favorite players?Tommy Kennedy and Efren Reyes  Do you have a favorite or couple favorite pool pics you have done?Any scene from the Color of Money and Efren Reyes How long does one of your drawings take?Generally 3 hours but it depends on the difficulty. 


Sponsored by Jacoby Custom Cues

Author: Brian Pauley

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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