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Mezz Bucharest Open The Final 32

The Mezz Bucharest Open – Dan Fischer Trophy- June 16th through the 18th of June. The total prize money GUARANTEED: 21000€

Prize breakdown: 1st-5000€ / 2nd-2000€ / 3rd-4th-1000€ / 5th-8th=750€

A who is who in pool at the Mezz Bucharest Open!

256 Players from across the globe are at the Mezz Bucharest Open – Dan Fischer Trophy, which began taking place in Bucharest, Romania, on June 16th and will finish on the 18th of June 2023. The event began with 256 players and is down to the Final 32 players. The Bucharest Open is a great place to get practice before moving on to the Matchroom’s Inaugural Spanish Open and then the World Cup of Pool. The Ko Brothers have already been active in winning the Zan Tip Invitational championship. Ko Ping Chung emerged as the champion, with Ko Pin Yi as the runner-up!

Ko Pin Yi & Ko Ping Chung the winners at the Zan Tip Invitational Photo from Ko Brother's Post

The first to make it to the final 32 is Shane Van Boening after playing against Tony Drago from Malta, winning 9-5. Ko Pin Yi played against Walter Laikre from Sweden and won 9-3. Ko Ping Chung played against Ioan Ladanyi from Romania, securing his spot in the final 32 with a score of 9-2. David Alcaide won his match 9-2 against Panagiotis Xypoliteas from Greece. Other players that have made it to the final 16. Poland’s Konrad Juszczyszyn just won his match against Adam Anastasios, winning 9-5. Alex Kazakis from Greece has made it to the final 32 after playing Sweden’s Jesper Carlsson.

Finland’s Mika Immonen has secured his spot in the final 32, winning to South Africa’s Ji Faul 9-2. Spain’s Jonas Souto lost his match to Ferdi Özdemir from Turkey. Canada’s John Morra won after playing against Kristina Zlateva from Bulgaria 9-2. Kristina still has a chance to come back to compete in the final 16. Poland’s Wiktor Zielinski is playing Marcus Chamat from Sweden, and Chamat is not going down with a fight at the score 8-5 Chamat knocks in the nine ball, making the score 8-6. Wiktor wins the match with a golden break! The final score was 9-6.

Italy’s Davy Piergiovanni has won against Greece’s Dimitris Loukatos 9-4, securing his spot in the final 32. Croatia’s Roberto Bartol won his match in a neck-to-neck battle with Babken Melkonyan from Romania 9-8. Antonis Brabin from Cyprus cleaned up 9-1 against Romania’s Dorin Iusan to be amongst the final 32. Estonia’s Karl Gnadeberg won his match 9-6 after playing against Jose Alberto Delgado from Spain. Germany’s Tobias Bongers won his match against Antonios Kakaris from Greece 9-6. Finally, Finland’s Petri Makkonen won against Jan Rempe from the Netherlands, 9-5, in the winner's qualifications. To see who has won on the loser's qualifications, go to You can watch the live matches at or on Facebook at


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