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SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 46 Featuring The Angel of Billiards Jackie Karol

Hey, Pool friends, fans, and players! The Hot New Issue of SPM Billiards Magazine is out, featuring The Angel of Billiards, Jackie Karol! Lots of great Instructional articles and so much more! Check it out Now!

SPM Billiards Magazine Issue 46 Featuring Jackie Karol

A Hot New Issue of SPM Billiards Magazine! Lots of great reading to help you improve your game of pool! The Angel of Billiards has made the cover of our 46 issue! You can read all about Jackie and Illuminated Cueing Arts which begins on page 38!

Anthony Beeler has a great read on "Myths that Damage Your Pool Game" which starts on page 6! Rick "White Wolf Prince writes about one of his pool life experiences titled Prison Pool! "Steve Jennings has another informative read about Thought Free Pool! And don't forget about Matt Andrews Mentoring who adds his wisdom into the Mental Side of Pool, "Confidence in our Tools: A Cue to doubt! How confident are you in your Cue and Equipment? You can catch his article on page 23! Eric Naretto continues his Explaining Aiming with the part 2 addition Finding the Ghost: Tales of the Ghost Ball! Dr. Dominic Esposito has a new article out on" The Perfect Break," The Drill Instructor Way! See his Instructional Article on page 34!

Elliott West is back with a controversial article on "The Crucible Question" Be sure to check it out on page 26!

Join Thomas Swain in his Review on The Jacoby Buffet Cue and Brad Swain writes about the UCUE: Transforming Billiards with Cutting Edge Technology. find out more and go to page 28!

Learn all about Steve Rau Pro Billiards, Experience at the VNEA Making Great Strides in Vegas with Kelly Fisher and Wei Tzu Chien aka Wei Wei!

Keith Shaner has a great read on the UK Open: The Four Dark Horseman Ride! His article begins on page 46!

Brian Pauley has a great story on Kyle Van den Bosch of Mariposa Cues! Beautiful Cues be sure to read this one! Page 58! And don't miss the latest from Chip Klein on "The Rediculous 30-Second Shot Clock!" Hope you enjoy the newest Issue of SPM Billiards Magazine! Let's keep growing the sport! Happy Shooting!


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