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Michelle Jiang: Champion Pool Player ~ Roy Pastor

Michelle Jiang is a champion pool player and teenager. Her incredible work ethic, intelligent approach to practice, and the game have made her a rising star. Her talents were showcased recently at the 2017 BCAPL Platinum 9 and 8 ball Women’s National tournaments as well as the 2017 BEF Junior National 9 ball Tournament.

   In Both BCAPL National Women’s tournaments, Michelle competed against some of the best Women Players in the USA, including 8 time world Champion LoreeJon Hasson and industry phenom April Larson.  In the Platinum Women’s National 9 ball championship Michelle was able to get past everyone except LoreeJon, coming in second to LorreJon in that tournament.

   Michelle found her stride in the Platinum 8 ball Women’s Nationals.   She knocked both April and LoreeJon into the left side of the bracket.  In her match with world champion LoreeJon, Michelle came back from behind 1-3 to win the match 6-3.  April fought her way through the B side to face Michelle again in the finals.  Michelle won that match 6-3 and took home the National 8 ball Women’s Championship title undefeated.

   Just a year ago, as a 15 year old, Michelle won the 2016 BCAPL National Women’s Championship in the Gold Division.  Michelle’s Dominance, just a year later, in the highest level of competition in the Platinum division is a testament to her hard work and skill.

  A week after winning the BCAPL Women’s National 8 ball championship Michelle attended the 2017 BEF Junior National Championships.  That tournament started on August 2nd, 2017, which also happened to be Michelle’s 17th Birthday.   In 2016, Michelle came in second place to 5 time Junior National Champion April Larson in a tough Hill/Hill final match.  

    Michelle gave herself, her family and her coach a great birthday present by winning the 2017 Junior National Championship title, 15-18 year old girls, undefeated.  She faced a very difficult opponent in April Larson, knocking out April in an exciting Hill/Hill match in the semi finals.

   As a result of her incredible performance, Michelle has been selected to compete on the American Team representing the USA in the WPA World Junior Championships to be held in Moscow Russian during the first week of November.

  2017 will be the fourth Consecutive year that Michelle has been selected to represent the United States on the American Junior Team at the Worlds.  For the past three years Michelle and the American Junior team travelled to Shanghai China to compete in the WPA junior worlds.  Moscow promises to be a new adventure for the American team.

   All of this is even more impressive considering that Michelle Jiang began playing pool right around her 12th birthday.  5 years ago Michelle joined a junior pool program operated by PBIA Master Instructor Roy Pastor.   Roy operates a program in Ayer Ma. offering 1 hour of free instruction per week, during the school year, followed  junior league play.  Michelle continues to attend these weekly classes and plays in the junior league every Sunday.  Roy continues as her coach as well as to the other students in that program.  

   When not playing pool Michelle maintains a Straight A (4.2) average at her high school, the prestigious Bromfield School in Harvard Massachusetts. She was recently ranked 76 (2015) and 53 (2016) out of more than 50,000 high school students in the Mathematical Olympiad held by the Massachusetts Association of Mathematics Leagues and has, for several years, placed 1st in her high school in the American Math Competition. This year, she was also chosen to compete in the Math Prize for Girls which brings together the top 300 girls in the nation. Always considerate and supportive of others, Michelle coaches the Bromfield Middle School Math Team.

Michelle also loves music and is an accomplished flutist. She is the first Flute in the Bromfield high school Wind ensemble and has been invited to and has performed at the Central District and the New England Music Festivals. For the past two years Michelle has also been teaching the flute to 5th and 6th graders at her high school.

  Michelle will be entering her senior year of High School in September.   She plans to attend college and to compete in the ACUI Collegiate Billiard National Championships.

Watch for Michelle in the future. There are no limits for this amazing young woman.


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Author: Roy Pastor

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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