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SPM TV & The Drill Instructor Interview Pro Billiard Player Sharik Sayed

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Sharik Sayed Photo by Corby Dayhoff

SPM TV and The Drill Instructor get to know Sharik Sayed from Singapore. Sharik is a Pro billiards player and moving up in the ranks. Sharik Sayed is now sponsored and has taken on a full time job as a pro-player for Ronnie O'Sullivan World Snooker Champion. Sharik talks about his journey from the start of his days of loving pool to where he now as a Professional Level player! Take a listen!

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All Photography of Sharik Sayed is by Photographer Corby Dayhoff! Thank you Corby for the great photo's of Sharik! We would like to give a special tanks to our sponsors: Kamui : Fort Worth Billiards Superstore: Prine Custom Cues:

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