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SPM TV: The Mental Game with James Lake and Mark White

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

SPM TV presents an in-depth look into the mental side of the game with James Lake as he talks to Mark White. James has coached with the WPBSA and is a Snooker player. Listen as James Lake talks about the mental mindset of a player during the game.

(Here is the YouTube link if you are having trouble watching ( )

Mark White talks about how he has changed his mental thinking since first talking with James Lake. He remembers what James preaches, and now White has been playing some of the best pool he has ever played!

Learn about how the pro players are playing and what you can do to improve your game. Learn why you are missing that critical shot. Find out why FSR missed the win against Kaci! James Lake explains it all!

In James Lake's most recent post, here are some tips from him:

Before you set about embarking on your journey toward your goal, ask yourself a few important questions...

1) What exactly is my dream? E.g., to become a top professional or to be the best?

These are two completely different things...

2) What are my motives? Money, fame, power, self-fulfillment/achievement, or something bigger?

Set approximate targets in both the short, medium, and long term and adapt your daily routine accordingly.

Then if you are not hitting your milestones, zoom in and make the necessary adjustments.

As they say, be careful what you wish for. Be sure that what you are working towards is what you really want and that you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Here on the Alchemy Method, players are also shown exactly how to build a professional plan whilst learning the mindset management tools (both on and off the table) to enable them to manage expectations connected to those goals. Identifying the ultimate goal up to 3-5 years out.

Then reverse engineer from there.

Got no specific plan?

Then you’re going in blind and increase the likelihood that you’ll lose motivation along the way when things get tough, and then when you’re losing matches - you’ll take them as confirmation it's not meant to be, or you’re simply not good enough- or as good as you thought…

Disillusion will set in…

Whereas the player with a professional gameplan isn't so easily discouraged when things get hard because they understand that every win or loss is taking them one step nearer their ultimate goal…

And they also understand that it's not the player you are now but the player and person you are becoming— because with the right plan and right work, you will become what you set out to be much quicker than without a plan.

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