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Taom Chalk Review ~ Garret Troop

Ok ladies and gentlemen; Let’s talk chalk. We all need it and there is a ton on the market.  Some like one and other like that one brand.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to test many of them.  There are two names in the industry that stick out more so than any, Kamui and Masters.

Taom  chalk is a great combination of both of these.  I received a little box of two pieces in it that are calendar. This chalk goes on in many layers. When I first I thought I was doing something wrong. I mean you need to get a good layer on the tip.

After it the really takes little layering it sticks like Kamui without the pastiness. Taom made the chalk into a cylinder with a little davit in it perfect  for the correct way you should be chalking your tip. Lets face it when you buy something you want it to last as long as it can so you can spend your money playing pool.

The chalk will fit easily into a Octagon Predator chalk holder. Taom chalk will last as long as or longer than most.  The box that it comes in will fit two pieces comfortable and fits in your case. I would definitely put Taom chalks in the top 4 in the billiards industry.

The more I play with it the more I am really getting to love it. It does not leave a chalk residue on the table and keeps your shaft from getting the blue stain on it from blue chalk.  Hands down one of the top four chalks on the market.


Author: Garret Troop

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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