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The Balabushka “DIRECT HIT” Jump Cue Review ~ Jason McKee

First off I would like to say that the Balabushka “DIRECT HIT” Jump Cue would not have been my first “go to” Jump Cue if the need had arose. After using it many times, I have to say it rivals its competitors and functions above and beyond what’s to be expected.

I am not an artistic pool player by any means, but I have close friends who are. With that said, let me stick to my Valley league and I’m all good! Sometimes the need arises to pull out the specialty tools, especially when you are trying to win. The Balabushka “DIRECT HIT” Jump Cue is a special kind of tool that super-exceeds my expectations of what a jump cue should be.

When one first lays eyes on this micro beauty, you realise you’re looking at not just any ol’ tool but a work of art. The material and time put into this Jump Cue was by far greater than most on the market and just the stunning beauty with George Balabushka’s famed signature on the handle says it all.

What about the technical aspects of the cue? Well I have been taught by a professional artistic pool player in person to elevate the cue at 45 degrees and then shoot down, through the center, of the cue ball. With the G10 tip on their I get a really good ping out of it and the cue ball never failing does a perfect jump. Don’t worry about the force you use on the Balabushka “DIRECT HIT” Jump Cue, even though it is just plain gorgeous with its deep black coating and classic Balabushka ring work, They are made with a proprietary internal cartridge system at key impact zones to improve explosive power while maintaining balance, accuracy and control.

(Balabushka Cues, Break/Jump, website, 2016)


When I am using the Balabushka “DIRECT HIT” Jump Cue, I hold it at the notched joint, this is how I have been taught. Of course there are two more positions to help with your elevated shooting plus a larger back knob, I personally find my fingers using the first ring to help with properly elevating the cue at a 45 degree angle. My dart method is one that definitely needs to be improved and this tool can help both the beginner and expert improve their jump.

One last thing about the Balabushka “DIRECT HIT” Jump Cue, It’s a beautiful cue, with all the added perks built into the Balabushka “DIRECT HIT” Jump Cue, it’s no wonder they made it so gorgeous. Don’t expect any hustling with this beauty but then again if you’re pulling out a jump cue in a hustle, don’t expect to make any money. This is the cue you want if you want to make a statement during league or tournament and what a statement you’re going to make, Balabushka Style!


Sponsored by POV Pool and Jacoby Custom Cues


Photo Provided by: Jason McKee

Author: Jason McKee

Editor: Shaylyn Troop

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