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2021 US Pro Billiard Series, Diamond Las Vegas Open 10 Ball Tournament, Part 2 -- by Patrick Sampey

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Saturday, September 4th, 2021 (Early in the AM) -- The Tallahassee Squirrel here. I’m a little bit stressed at the moment, but happy -- happy to see so many great champions from around the globe battling it out in so many prolific pool tournaments around the world…so many, my friends on Facebook; networking in the game to cover and canvas the billiards world with news articles.

So many great professional pool playing champions out there in the US Pro Billiard Series, Diamond Las Vegas Open 10 Ball tournament.

Some players I know still in the tournament are: Roland Garcia, Joshua Filler, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, Naoyuki Oi, Chris Reinhold, Aloysius Yapp, Geronimo, Omar Alshaheen, Fedor Gorst, and

So many champions worldwide I know and talk with from time to time so that I can maintain a pulse for pool. I am thankful to them all that add me on as a friend so I can follow and cover the game better. It really helps me reflect on pool with that kind of input at my fingertips, so I feel that is a crucial aspect of being able to report the game on a more personal level. I think fans of the game -- much like myself -- would love to have the inside track to the game and players this affords me.

And with so many events, it can be hard to follow professional pool, pro players, insiders in pool and billiards -- to essentially follow and report the game’s most current, hard-hitting, play-by-play accounts.

I used to watch professional pool matches so that I could learn how to be a better player. Now, I watch pool matches for the pleasure of seeing the game played at the highest level, and with so many great champions as my friends, it is hard to take a side in many of the contests I’ve had the pleasure to watch. Really, I cheer for them all at times, just enthralled in the game I love. Of course, being from the US, in the Mosconi Cup, I always cheer for team USA -- that’s just being loyal to your roots.

The event ends today, and was set to run September 1-4, so today is the final day, and I’m so excited to see who will win this contest of so many of the best of the best players from around the globe, colliding on the billiards slate-green battlefield Vegas style!

I wish I could be out there to cover the game, study the players, get interviews, video footage of matches, collect and compile as many stories I can.

One of my other Facebook-pool friends, Greg Hogue, also entered the event and won a couple matches himself before getting put out. I plan to interview him today, get his take on the event out there -- get the inside scoop. Thanks go out to him, Red Door Training Center, all he does and brings to the game and players.

Also, check out our Sneaky Pete Mafia exclusive interview with Paul Hopkins ( ) and his brother, Hall Of Fame legend Allen Hopkins, coming out in the next few days. And don't forget to read these brothers story about the Hopkins pool legacy in their excellent billiards book out now:

I love my pool life! Keep on hitting them balls! Squirrel out!

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