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24-yr-old Joshua Filler Kills it at the UK Open 2022 ~ By Patrick Sampey

Updated: May 22, 2022

Sunday, May 22nd, 2022 – I've been watching a bit of the Inaugural UK Open 9 ball finals, which are being played right now in London. Filler looks set to win it at this juncture in time.

I had picked SVB (Shane Van Boening) to win it all just last night but woke up today to messages on my phone that FSR (Francisco Sanchez Ruiz) had beaten SVB 11-4 in the semifinals of the event while I slept safe and sound.

Well, I guess my prediction was wrong. And I had hoped FSR would win, but Filler is a dominant force in billiards and will most likely take the tournament and glory for this, the first UK Open, modeled after the US Open 9 ball event it would appear.

Be back after a bit… 1:32 pm…

The two finalists, Joshua Filler and Francisco Sanchez Ruiz have both shown tenacity and grit throughout the tough field that began with 256 of the world's best players – so many legends like SVB and others vanquished in the last several days, as we've reached this point. An incredible, amazing, and entertaining new tournament for 9 ball fans such as myself; a great day for pocket billiards.

And who other than Joshua Filler is more deserving of a win of this magnitude? Francisco Sanchez Ruiz for one. SVB for another. But there can be only one and that one is… 1:39 PM…brb…

13-7 Filler wins yet another title, having won the Master's in Gibraltar, and another major event this year as well. This win should put him ranked world #2 and completes the "hat trick," having three major titles, placing him just behind SVB, who stands atop the heap at #1, having won the World 9 Ball tournament earlier this year as well. 2022 seems to be as a Filler vs SVB slugfest on the pool table, where each player is vying for yardage on the other – as the two seek to take the "King Of Pool" title, but SVB is just out in front a bit from this writer's perspective.

And Francisco Sanchez Ruiz showed such heart and game – going back and forth with Filler in the contest, until Filler broke loose at 7-7, and never looked back.

What an event for Filler! Another title to a growing resume. And Filler seems like a seasoned professional well beyond his 24 years on Earth. Amazing.

Tune in soon to see what other updates SPM had on everything pool-related. Until then, keep on hitting them balls players! Tallahassee Squirrel out!

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