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Aaron Berg’s Black Magic. ~ Dakotah Schmidtknecht

Aaron Berg is originally from New Brighton, MN, and currently lives in Hammond, WI. Aaron is 43 and has been making cues since 2010 and doing repair work since 2003.

His story really starts when a customer who bought a cue from him and asked him to make a jump cue as well. Aaron looked at his options and chose dymondwood. He chose dymondwood because of its sturdiness, strength, and its ability to be turned down and polished without the need of heavy lacquers.

The Black Magic jump cue began when the dymondwood factory burned down. Aaron sold his materials and began thinking of new ideas. Carbon fiber, being lightweight and super strong, was an obvious choice.

He got his name for the cue from the natural black look (the original name he had for the cue was the Nightstalker). Black Magic is now the name for the cue — black for the color, magic because it jumps better and with less effort than any other cue he had previously made.

The cue is made completely out of carbon fiber no-wood core and weighs only 5 oz. When asked why he chose to make it so light, Aaron said, “I think it’s having the same characteristics as someone choosing a lighter cue for breaking.

A lighter break cue generates more speed and the faster the cue ball goes the more impact to the rack. A lighter jump cues generates more speed creating faster loft for the cue ball in tight situations.

[That’s] the reason we can’t jump very well with a pool cue. There is definitely more energy in a pool cue but not enough speed to create loft, especially in tight areas under ten inches.”

I then asked, ”OK, it’s good up close, but distance jumps?”

Aaron replied by saying, “I find this material to work extremely well down table. Taking the elevation down from 45 degrees really opens up this cue’s ability to jump two to three feet over the obstruction and still stay under control. The shaft doesn’t flex much, so again the energy transfer to the cue ball allows down table shots that stay straight to the target.”

A quote from Aaron Berg: “Most jump cues will work on the best equipment. I’m trying to make the best jump cue for most tables.” To me this is a bold statement meaning he is doing his very best to make a top notch product.

If you would like to purchase a black magic jump cue you can go to this website, or contact him through his Facebook page.

Sponsored by POV Pool and Jacoby Custom Cues

Dakotah Schmidtknecht was born in Wisconsin on in 1994. His pool life began with his father. Six months after Dakotah was born, he bought a bar/resort/restaurant, and started shooting league. All Dakotah ever wanted to do was be just like him, so naturally as soon as he could hold a pool stick he did, and he’s been playing since he was four years old. A serious pool career didn’t start until his grandfather bought him his first cue. It was a Minnesota Fatts red light-up cue. He spent days practicing on his Grandfather’s eight foot Olhausen. In his late teens, he started to sub on his dad’s pool team, and went from losing to beating the top players in the league. These days he’s working with the Wisconsin Artistic Pool Players Association as an administrator, and being sponsored by them for artistic pool. “I think my biggest moment in billiards to date is when I met  Florian Kohler, and as my artistic pool grows I am able to ask his advice. It’s amazing to me that a master like him will take time to help an amateur like me.” Photo: pulled from Aaron Berg’s Facebook page Editor: Hannah Blue

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