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Aiming System By the Pro players By Tim Miller

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Aiming system by the Pro players

One of my AA students told me that the pro player can play for two hours and not miss a ball. He went on to say that they must have a unique aiming system that is not shared on the open market. There are two reasons the pro does not miss shots. One - they don’t have hard shots. Their position play is superb. Often they don’t get on the wrong side of the next shot and are reduced to a shot makers mode to continue their run. It is not so much how they aim, as it is their stance and pre shot routine. They go through three keys. A. They plant their right leg in line with their shot and make a connection. B. they land on the cue ball ready to play. C they pause ever so slightly as they aim at the target they connected to while they were upright in their stance. On easy shots, Willie did not take a lot of time. On hard shots he was meticulous.

Two - they value all shots the same. In other words, they concentrate on each shot they face as if it is the final ball. They make sure they pocket the ball and get in the lane for the next shot. The only thing on a pro’s mind is to make the ball they are shooting. To be in the pro mode, you must shoot soft and softer and be keenly aware of the stroke you are going to use. The stroke, minus the interference, equals the shot. You reduce all outside interference with strong concentration skills. To make the transition from AA to Pro often requires a good coach. May all the rolls go your way By The Monk

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