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Allen and Chad of The Social Pool Network

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The Social Pool Network

This isn’t your ordinary, run of the mill pool league folks. I dare say this will fast become the most attractive singles pool league on the planet. With world reknown operators in world champions Johnny “The Scorpion” Archer(USA), John “MR. 626” Schmidt(USA & Canada) and most recently Ruslan “The Siberian Express” Chinakhov(Europe) joining TSPN you will recognize the local, regional & global popularity of this genuine league.

What is the TSPN?

TSPN is a singles pool league where you get to match up against other members in the network and play them anywhere and anytime you so chose i.e. your home, their home,  any pool hall, any state, ANY TIME ! 100% at your convenience ! How amazing is that? This gives new meaning to “pool parties” !

2 Ways to Participate in TSPN: PLAYER  and LEAGUE PROMOTER

PLAYER:  $25/yr. & $25/mo. per format(8 ball and 9 ball) / ($50/mo. for both 8 ball and 9 ball)

LEAGUE PROMOTER: $49/yr. & $40/mo. (includes both 8 ball and 9 ball)


Included with your registration:

A. Register “4 pay no more” Program. Personally sponsor 4 people and your monthly fee is waived!

B. American Cue Sport, (ACS) membership included with your TSPN registration. Your ACS membership allows you to play in ACS regional events and annual ACS tournments.

C. Free subscription to Billiardnet.TV. Access all live-streamed and archived matches.

D. Play any TSPN member anywhere, anytime on any table!


A. All of the benefits of a PLAYER, plus

B. One time fast-start bonus commissions paid to you each time you register a new person.(See Compensation Plan for details)

C. Monthly residual commissions paid to you on actively registered members.

D. Access to your personal business back-office software. This will allow you to track your commissions and communicate with your business team.

Why the TSPN- The Social Pool Network?

No other pool league allows you to put money in your pocket by simply referring other players to participate in the network as a promoter/player.

When I asked Chad & Allen why they started this league they said, “We’re trying to build a league that gives money back to the players!” No other league puts as much effort into this concept as TSPN! Aside from the compensation plan, there are weekly leader board payouts, League Promoter “FREE ROLL” tournaments with over $1,000’s in prizes, TSPN registered member tournaments all over the U.S. A a league designed by players for players at it’s best!

Not only can you see the $$$$ signs as this league invites you to pad your pockets, but the simplicity of figuring out your skill level, keeping score, convenience of shooting matches at your leisure at any location at any time. Its very simplified while giving you freedom to work around your schedule and generate some extra pocket cash while doing something you love and already do anyway, shoot in pool leagues.

Who is Chad Sholders?

Chad, who resides in Colorado, grew up around pool halls in California, notably “Hard Times Billiards” in Bellflower, CA but also spent time crackin balls at “Boyces Billiards” in High Desert in Southern California. He was able to pay his college tuition with his winnings from those early years playing pool. After college, most of Chads’ career was spent as a general contractor building nearly 100 bars and restaurants which spawned the idea of opening a pool hall in a town where there was no pool hall. That dream still lingers but he currently practices his skilled trade of cabinetry when he isn’t promoting TSPN.

Who is Allen Hendrickson?

Allen who hails out of Oklahoma used to volunteer at a maximum security prison. He earned his Law Degree from Westero State College of Law before he authored his book titled, “Think it, Feel it, Have it! The Keys To Creation….” He has spoken as a motivational speaker for dozens of groups & organizations. “It has scientifically been proven that the magnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times more powerful then than the magnetic field of the brain,” can be found on the cover of his book. This quote helps one to understand his love for the game of pool and his commitment to sharing TSPN with anyone else who loves the game of pool.

Many of us are already enjoying the camaraderie of shooting alongside our teammates in the APA, BCA, and various other team leagues, respectfully. TSPN sets the bar for you as the singles league that knows no boundaries. If your from Indiana and you are vacationing in Hawaii. You could set up a league match with professional pool player & TSPN league promoter Rodney Morris. And while your shooting your match against Rodney, you can thank him for encouraging Chad & Allen to promote the TSPN League and developing it into what it has grown to be as of the writing of this article.

This revolutionary league epitomizes the definition of giving money back to the players. Be that as it may, when talking to Chad & Allen, I could hear the passion in their voices that boasts their love and sharing this league with anyone who will listen! The Singles Pool Network, TSPN, encompasses pool, competition, respect of your fellow pool players, potential to earn a residual income and a borderless league uncomparable to any other on this planet. You are invited to become a part of this unique, one of a kind league !

Author: Tino Tamales

Editor: Chris Freeman

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