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Aloysius Yapp Takes Second in US Open 2021 By Storm — By Patrick Sampey

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 -- Aloysius Yapp took down world number one player Shane Van Boening in the US Open, and world number two Filler, and Yapp broke and ran 5 racks on SVB -- blazing a trail to the finals of the US Open unlike any other -- just held September 13th through the 18th at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Beginning with a field of 256 players from around the globe, this year's US Open featured some of the heaviest hitters ever seen in the game -- names like Biado, Shaw, Van Boening, Gorst, Filler, Appleton, Strickland, Orcollo, Robles, Woodward, Thorpe, Fisher, Trump, and the list goes on. Just some of the best cue-sport artists to ever paint the canvas of billiards green -- Yapp led his charge 9-5 over US player Devin Poteet first round, then Yapp won next round on the winners side in a nail-biting 11-10 thriller against Wojciech Szewczyk of Poland, after that Yapp again -- this time putting a beat down 11-4 against world #2 Joshua Filler, still in cruise control in the "Winners Qualification" round, he thumps Mickey Krause of Denmark 11-3, continuing his barrage, he then in the "Last 16" knocks off world #1 SVB 11-5 -- then he crushes Rodrigo Geronimo of the Philippines 11-6 in the quarter finals -- after that, he put on the afterburners, dominating Dennis Orcollo 11-6, securing his place in the finals of the US Open, and history as the first person from Singapore ever to play for the title.

But then, in the finals it would be Carlo Biado of the Philippines to take the title 13-8 against juggernaut Yapp. What a finals though, Yapp ahead at one point 8-3, then Biado Hitting a gear and winning the next 10 straight racks.

Aloysius will sometimes respond to me on Messenger, as I support he and other pros in their games -- so many interesting and cool people like Yapp that I've added as friends as I've continued to network through social media to bring the pros to the fans of the game, players, anyone that loves pool.

Saturday I sent Yapp this message, "Awesome performance out there, just coming up 5 racks short of the title. Congrats. Amazing run. You'll get em next tournament."

Aloysius replied with, "Haha well he deserved it. He played great! Thanks for your support! 🙏🏻☺️"

Yapp is all class. Here is a statement he made on Facebook to Matchroom, friends, family, and fans three days ago:

"2nd place in this year US Open 9 Ball Pool Championships!

Well I certainly wished I won but the better player won in the final. Congrats to Carlo Biado ! He played awesome! Deserved it totally!

It was a great tournament overall , enjoyed every single part and moment of it! The arena , setup and atmosphere was definitely second to none and special. Hats off to Emily Frazer and Matchroom Pool ! They always deliver the best! And also the fans have been awesome! Thank you guys for being part of the event and making it special for all us players! Especially because of the pandemic , its been a wild year without any fans. Glad to see Matchroom bringing the fans back! Would like to thank everyone who supported me all the way , my family , friends and also to my fans! You guys mean the world to me and I hope to do better next time! Also would like to thank my sponsors , Mezz Cues , ZAN TIP , theQshop , Mak’s family , Tong Eng Group , Cuesports Singapore , Sports Singapore and Chinese Swimming Club for their support! Cheers everyone!" -- Aloysius Yapp.

Yapp is one of the world's best younger players. He is great for the game, a class act, and has many years ahead as he rises up amidst the world billiards stage. What a great day for billiards! What a wonderful time to be a fan of the game!

Play on players! Keep on hitting them balls!

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1 Comment

Patrick Sampey
Patrick Sampey
Oct 02, 2021

Thanks again to Aloysius Yapp for his input and direction that helped me write this piece.

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