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Billiard World Champion Inks Deal

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

STEVE RAU, can be seen with his two new clients, pro billiards players Kelly “Kwikfire” Fisher (left) and Wei Tzu Chien (right). The new team was photographed together during a WPBA MastersEvent in Mount Pleasant, which ran from Thursday, July 13 through Sunday, July 16.

Kelly FIsher, Steve Rau, and Wei Tzu Chien (Wei Wei)
Kelly Fisher, Steve Rau, and Wei Tzu Chien (Wei Wei) (Courtesy Photo)

Billiard world champion Kelly “Kwikfire” Fisher, from the United Kingdom, is a name that is synonymous with excellence in the world of snooker and billiards. With her precision, focus, and strategic game-play, she has become one of the most formidable players in the industry. Fisher’s dedication to the sport is evident in her numerous victories and accolades, spanning more than 20 years as a pro.

Fisher is 44, and her journey to becoming a pool legend started at age seven. Her parents owned a pub where she would practice shooting balls, day after day, playing against customers. Her father, seeing her natural ability, took her to a snooker club where she began to be coached at age 12 by her now coach of 32 years, Mr. Lionel Payne. Under his tutelage, she honed her skills through rigorous practice and began to compete in various tournaments around the world. Her hard work paid off when she became a snooker world champion and billiards world champion, titles she has successfully won multiple times.

Kelly Fisher’s latest step in her career is to announce her partnership with her manager, Steve Rau, from Corunna. Rau, 47, a promotion and events executive, previously from the world of pro wrestling, has hosted pro wrestling shows, autograph appearances, and fan experiences. In the last several years, though, Rau has been working with cast members, especially Tom Wopat, who played Luke Duke from the hit, iconic TV show, “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Organizing and marketing events come naturally to Rau.

Together, Kelly Fisher and Steve Rau have formed a formidable team that will propel Fisher to further success in her career. Their partnership combines Fisher’s exceptional table skills and Rau’s marketing and business acumen, creating a winning formula that attracts both fans and sponsors. By leveraging their individual strengths, Fisher and Rau will be able to maximize their impact in the billiard marketing and advertising world. He will help her secure endorsements, special events, and fan experiences but will also provide guidance and support, both on and off the table.

The two then became three. Shortly after Fisher and Rau began discussions, Fisher mentioned to Rau that billiard pro player Wei Tzu Chien, from Taipei, Taiwan, is interested in meeting Rau to ink a deal to become her manager, too. As initial talks with Rau and Fisher continued, so began the talks between Wei Tzu Chien and Rau. Delighted for the opportunity to manage both female pro billiard players; this sounded like an exciting opportunity for Rau.

“I am very grateful that Kelly and Wei Wei have given me this opportunity to be a part of their lives and storied careers. They are both wonderful human beings, and I am going to do my best to make a lot of opportunities happen for them.”

From broadcast TV, radio, press releases, and marketing campaigns, Rau will utilize his existing media relationships and experience to further his efforts in promoting Fisher and Chien and the billiard sport at large.

Rau added, “The world of billiards is new to me. I have memories of watching Jeanette Lee and Allison Fisher play, but became excited when I learned that the sport of billiards has been on an uptick for quite some time. I know Covid hampered things a bit, but I am hopeful that my contributions can help promote the sport to new audiences that are not familiar with the vastness that this sport offers. The tremendous effort that I see the WPBA, Predator World Billiard Series, Cue Sports International, and other great promotional companies from around the world put into the tournaments is admirable. I see the number of logistical and planning hours of work it takes. It is no easy task. They are doing a great job to give an incredible platform to all the men and women pro pool players from around the world.”

When asked what the first goal to be accomplished was, Rau mentioned that “a marketing and advertising kit and promotional packet is a must, and those marketing and advertising tools need to be in place to ratchet things upward.” Rau believes that once the mainstream of society catches a glimpse of this sport, the number of new fans and followers will grow substantially.


The game of pool has become a global phenomenon, with thousands of fans tuning in to watch major billiard events. This widespread popularity has opened a world of sponsorship opportunities for players like Kelly Fisher and Wei Tzu Chien. With their exceptional skills and captivating personalities, they have become global sensations, attracting major sponsorship opportunities and revolutionizing the way the game of pool is perceived.

Sponsors recognize the immense reach and engagement of billiard events, making it a lucrative platform to showcase their brands. From cue manufacturers to apparel companies, various industries have recognized the potential of aligning themselves with pool legends. The global nature of pool ensures that sponsors can reach diverse audiences, making it an attractive proposition for both established brands and emerging companies.

Readers are invited to follow the journey of Kelly Fisher, Wei Tzu Chien, and Steve Rau online on the Steve Rau Pro Billiards management team page,


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