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Chia Hua Chen Rising ~ By Patrick Sampey

Friday, September 2nd, 2022 – "Chia Hua Chen defeated Allison Fisher in a shootout for the second time this week to mark her return to international competition by winning the Predator Canada Open.

Fisher had to come through the one-loss side to reach single elimination after her first match of the tournament had ended in defeat to Chen, who didn’t lose during the event…

' I cannot believe it,' said Chen through her partner, Robbie Capito. 'This is my first international tournament after the pandemic, so I didn’t expect much coming into the tournament, so I am very happy with the win.'" –

Chen, who goes by Amber Chen, defeated Fisher in the shootout in the WPBA ( Women's Professional Billiards Association) Predator Canadian Open, winning 3-2 in the shootout that ensued. The finals were two races to four, where there would be a "shootout" for the title. The shootout involves a spot shot and then making it with cue ball in hand behind the head string. Chen won the first set. Fisher missed a straight-in 6-ball shot, showing a lapse of concentration, and appearing to take her eyes off the ball, missing a routine shot nonetheless.

Fisher missed the routine 6 ball straight in at 2-2 in the first set, giving Chen an opportunity. Fisher didn't appear to be on her A game, and Chen capitalized on Allison's letdown in the first set. Suffice it to say, Fisher had the opportunity to go up 3-2 but missed it.

Also of note is the fact that Chen is only 22 years young but showed the experience of a well-seasoned veteran in the exchange. Then, up 3-2 and breaking, Chen lost control of the cue ball and got kicked in the top left corner pocket, where she was breaking from, which is to say, Allison Fisher had another opportunity at the table, missing a ball-in-hand shot, setting it up for Chen to win the first race to 4. Chen played lock-up safeties to stifle Fisher in the exchange. Fisher missed kick shots on a couple of occasions.

Chen, wearing all black, with the white bow in her hair, completing her ponytail, and the red glove on her left, bridge hand – her sponsors on the sleeves of her shirt. Then! Chen missed the 10 ball, but left Fisher a tough shot. Fisher left a tough bank, which Chen drilled in, and pumped her fist in victory, showing emotion for the first time in the match, normally a stoic player.

Fisher wore all black, with blue accents on her shirt, black slacks, polished black shoes, black glove, and smartwatch – well put together, with a black belt with a silver belt buckle to complete her ensemble. Fisher playing with the black carbon fiber pool shaft.

All in all, a very stylish event, with top-notch pool play, the resurgence of Allison Fisher, and newcomer Amber Chen rising in women's professional pool. What an interesting, entertaining final, with Amber Chen rising to take her place among women's professional pool billiards champions, new and old.

A little update on Amber Chen, she has officially made it to the final 16 at the Predator Pro Billiard Series Women's 10-ball in Klagenfurt, Austria. Chen is still on the winning streak. She has won all of her matches so far, beating April Larson 7-3, then onto the next match against Allison Fisher, winning 7-5! What will this young rising star do next?

Will it come down to Kelly Fisher and Amber Chen in the Final? You can follow Chia Hua Chen, a.k.a Amber Chen, at the Predator Pro Billiard Series in the Women's 10-Ball Championship in Klagenfurt, Austria! and watch her game against Allison Fisher at


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