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Continuing Billiards Coverage -- By Patrick Sampey

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Friday,Nov 19, 2021-- Billiards is booming, rising, and these players worldwide entertain with some of the best pool the audience has ever seen; we have Filler, Yapp, SVB, Orcollo, Shaw, Alcaide, Ouschan, Woodward, Fisher, O’Sullivan, Reyes, even Strickland still doing it in this years Mosconi Cup this December 7th through the 10th in Alexandra Palace, London -- and so many other great players worldwide, too many to list, male and female.

I’m working to cover all aspects of pool, from products, books, interviews, pros, instructors, shakers, movers, industry leaders -- seeking any and all angles on the game we all love. Poolhall Junkies of the world unite.

Speaking of ‘Poolhall Junkies,’ it was loosely based on the story of Robert LeBlanc, pool hustler and top level underground rogue -- playing like a professional, hustling across the country, living his life to the fullest, paying his way with pool; check out his book here, ‘Confessions Of A Pool Hustler’:

Hopefully I can get an interview with LeBlanc, Hatch, Varner, Wilson, Williams, and others soon. Trying to line up interviews for continuing billiards coverage. (Any article ideas, let me know.)

Also, we have a new shaker and mover in the billiards industry in JFlowers cues, not just a cue maker and distributor, but also supporting the game and the players, in an effort to unite everyone, as we each lift one another, and billiards as a whole to new heights. Check out JFlowers here and see what kind of cues they have! You can get a carbon fiber cue for $300! That’s the best deal I’ve ever heard of, and come with leather wraps, layered tips -- incredible. Check them here:

I will be covering the game leading up to the Mosconi Cup, supporting both Europe and USA -- the rivalry now stronger than ever, the atmosphere in the arena at the cup in London electric. So many champions for team Europe this year, seems like it’s a David and Goliath story, with Europe being Goliath and USA being David. Can we pull out the win in USA?

Seeking out new billiards writers. There is a growing billiards audience, a need, and many platforms to publish pool articles. Send them in and get the word out that pool is alive and well.

Readers wanted also. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Pool leagues, billiards books, equipment, cases, pool cues, pool balls, pool halls, pool tournaments -- all pool, all day, every day -- we keep grinding here at SPM getting the word out: LOUD AND PROUD (I store this document on the cloud).

So join the new pool revolution of your mind with us at Sneaky Pete Mafia as we continue to cover the game with reverberating, pool-ball-clacking, nine-on-the-snap-Vincent coverage that rocks your world!!! Play on players! Game on!

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