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Dennis “Robo Cop” Orcollo (Remix) -- The Greatest Money Player Of All Time -- by Patrick Sampey

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

“In 2020, Orcollo recorded a 120–119 victory against Shane Van Boening to be crowned The Money Game King in a three-day one-on-one 9-ball tournament held at Bill's Bar and Billiards in Oklahoma City.” --

Monday, June 21st, 2021 -- this morning at about 2 am I saw the aftermath of the conclusion of the race to 120 nine ball rematch between pool titans Dennis Orcollo and Shane Van Boening; Orcollo pulled out the win for a second time, having been their second match to 120. This time, “Robo Cop” finished Van Boening -- the world’s top player in my opinion for about the last 15-20 years -- Orcollo winning 120-115 Van Boening.

The event was hosted by Acme/Omega Billiards, held over the past 3 days, 2021.

At one point in the match to 120 that just concluded, Orcollo runs a record 11 straight racks early in the race. Incredible. Here is a link to the segment of video footage on this:

The only other player to ever have run 11 consecutive racks in the history of the game was none other than 9-ball legend Earl "The Pearl" Strickland, check the quote below to help players realize what a feat it is to run 11 consecutive racks:


"Friday, May 31, 1996 | 11:59 a.m. --

You would think winning a million dollars would change a man. Such apparently is not the case with billiards professional Earl Strickland.

Strickland became the first pocket billiards player to claim a $1 million check when he ran 11 consecutive 9-ball racks at the Professional CueSports Association Million Dollar Challenge in April. The tournament offered the money to any player who could pull off the highly-unlikely feat of running 10 straight racks." --


Dennis Orcollo, when he is in top gear, is one of the best 9 ball players I have ever had the pleasure to watch -- an incredible talent and billiards savant of the highest money-game order.

I just watched the end of the match in 2020 where Orcollo squeaked by SVB (Shane Van Boening) 120-119, having gone hill-hill (119-119) in the race to 120 in Oklahoma City. Incredible play by Dennis against SVB -- the most prolific professional pool player of this modern pool era. I thought SVB had won the contest for some reason, and was shocked when Orcollo won it, but that’s the thing about the gamble game, the hustle -- you never see it coming. I’m sure SVB didn’t think he would lose either, but Orcollo came with a game from another planet down the home stretch, and as the heat was turned up, he turned on the afterburners -- full throttle ahead, baseball cap on his head, balling like a rap star -- “Robo Cop” ran around the table at times, running out rack after rack; it really was like watching a perfect pool robot -- like a well oiled machine -- running out with more style and flair as the match progressed.

And even though the match was so close, it seemed as though SVB was fatigued, while Orcollo -- on the converse side -- appeared more invigorated as the three-day match slogged along through the marathon match, much like some kind of billiards endurance test of will, nerve and sinew.

What a grinder, the 9 ball race to 120 must be -- even for players of this caliber that can run out multiple racks at will -- these pool titans. Some call the event the “greatest match in pool history,” although there was Reyes vs Strickland to 120 that ended 117 Strickland, and 120 Reyes -- but many (including myself) believe Reyes was the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Times) in pool, that Strickland just broke down mentally on that 3rd day, Reyes felt the weakness, put the hammer down, took home the win -- coming back from a substantial deficit -- much like Orcollo did against SVB on the last day in ‘Bill's Bar and Billiards’ just last year. Orcollo pumping his fists and shouting out in celebration as the “Money Game King,” a title he has had for many years now -- one of the best heads-up-money pool players to ever live -- perhaps even rivaling Reyes himself, although I would still give Reyes the edge in his prime, against Orcollo now; it’s debatable.

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