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Exciting Momentum for 2022 Pool Year as Gorst & Shaw Make History - By: E. Duddy

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Acknowledging Our Struggle & Loss, To Move Forward Stronger & Optimistic

First and foremost let's acknowledge that all of us (meaning the entire world) have been living through history the last 2 years. A global pandemic with over 373 million cases & 5.6 million deaths, holy cow. It has come with insane challenges to our way of life ... quarantine, shut downs, travel bans, mask mandates, testing, vaccinations, boosters, full hospitals, hoax conspiracies, political division, pandemic fatigue & more. Regardless of what your beliefs are, I choose to respect your opinion & this article is not about COVID-19. Yet before I begin writing about a brighter future for humans & for us pool players, I need to recognize the hardships, sickness & deaths that we have all endured. I have lost good friends to this virus & my heart is not only with others who have lost people, but with all humans who have been affected by this disease in large & small ways (whether they realize it or not).

With that said, I'm sure many of you share my excitement to move forward as a society stronger than ever! Although we are not out of the woods completely, as sneaky new strains of COVID keep us on our toes, progress has been made towards returning things to normal. Pool is no exception, with Matchroom keeping major pool events alive in 2021 while navigating strict CDC guidelines. Included in these was the biggest one of the year, the 2021 Mosconi Cup managed to be executed in December amidst an Omicron Storm. Thank you Matchroom!

During Jan 2022 Pool History Made Not Once, but Twice!

I don't know about you, but I love a new year! Especially during hard times, turning the first page on the calendar can mean a fresh start & perspective. Increased energy, motivation, resolutions, goals, opportunities & more. In the first month of 2022 pool has gone off with a bang & without a hitch (knock on wood it continues)! It feels different & game changing! Let's recap this past month & talk about history being made!

* Turning Stone Classic 9 Ball - 1.6.22 - 1.9.22 Verona, NY

1st Jayson Shaw - $8,000;

2nd Fedor Gorst - $5,000

Shaw earns record for 7 Turning Stone Titles!

* Arcadia Arizona Open 2022 - 1.12.22 - 1.15.22 Tucson, Az

1st Fedor Gorst - $25,000;

2nd Roland Garcia - $15,000

* The Legends of Pocket Billiards 14.1 High Run Challenge

January 18. 2022 Jayson Shaw Sets New World Record 714!

Awarded $16,000 for this achievement @ Derby City

*Derby City Classic 1.21.22 - 1.29.22 Elizabeth, Indiana

Divsion: Banks

1st Fedor Gorst - $16,000;

2nd Jayson Shaw - $8,000

Division: One Pocket

1st Fedor Gorst - $16,000;

2nd Josh Roberts - $8,000

Derby All-Around Champion :

Fedor Gorst earns $20,000

@ 21 years old makes history!

Runner Up - Jayson Shaw $3,000

3rd Place - Joshua Filler $2,000

* Derby City Classic 2022 - 1.21.22 - 1.29.22 Elizabeth, In

Division : Bigfoot 10-Ball Challenge

1st Joshua Filler - $16,000

2nd Fedor Gorst - $8,000

* Derby City Classic 2022 -

1.21.22 - 1.29.22 Elizabeth, In

Divison : 9 Ball

1st Place Francisco Sanchez - $16,000

2nd Place - Joshua Filler - $8,000

Wow!! What an amazing month for pool, let's total up those prize winnings for the top 3 earners so far in January - 1st Fedor Gorst $90,000 ; 2nd Jayson Shaw $35,000 ; 3rd Joshua Filler $26,000. Pool is officially back with a vengeance in 2022!

What does the rest of the year have in Store for Players & Fans?

Let's give you the full calendar of announced events for this year so you don't miss any of the action! Here is everything from one of the best resources in pool -

February 2022 -

March 2022 -

April 2022 -

May 2022 -

June 2022 -

July 2022 -

August 2022 -

September 2022 -

October 2022 -

November 2022 -

December 2022 -

As you can see this coming year is jam packed with many events of all skill levels & disciplines all over the country. Let's keep our collective fingers crossed that things refrain from further cancellations & the action continues! I'll see you on the road!

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